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Remembering BMI Regional (1987-2019)

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Remembering BMI Regional (1987-2019)

Post by upnorth » Sun Feb 17, 2019 1:36 pm

With the news of BMI Regional's bankruptcy coming down this weekend, I thought maybe we could have something of a memorial thread to them.

I personally never used their services, but I will miss their Embraer jets that have been coming and going from my local airport in Brno, Czech Republic (LKTB/BRQ) since 2016 running the route between here and Munich.

Here's some BMI Regiaonal birds I've snapped over the years:

ERJ-145 at Brno (7.7.2016)

ERJ-145 at Brno (31.8.2016)

ERJ-145 at Brno (7.12.2017)

ERJ-145 at brno (30.10.2018)

A320s at London-Heathrow (6.7.2012)

Let's see your BMI Regional shots
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Re: Remembering BMI Regional (1987-2019)

Post by Mike » Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:53 pm

Great shots there and thanks for posting them, I'll have a look in my archives and post mine when I get some time. :thumb:

Your last 2 shots are of a BMI A320 and an A319 - BMI ceased operations in 2012 and these aircraft were integrated into the British Airways fleet when IAG bought the BMI group from Lufthansa, BMI Regional was sold to Sector Aviation Holdings in May 2012 and operated under the "flybmi" brand until it went into administration on 16 February 2019.
All very confusing but this should explain all :-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_M ... ernational :)

The flyBMI fleet as at 16/02/19 :- http://www.jethros.org.uk/fleets/fleet_ ... flybmi.htm

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Re: Remembering BMI Regional (1987-2019)

Post by Cessna954 » Sun Feb 17, 2019 6:59 pm

Here's my contribution to a tribute to an airline / livery that will be missed at UK airports.

The British Midland Regional brand of British Midland started as Business Air when both were owned by Lufthansa
Image19960220-Glasgow-2 by Neil D. Brant, on Flickr

Parent company A330 and Regional 145 at Manchester
ImageBMI Regional Embraer 145 G-RJXF by Neil D. Brant, on Flickr

Before the sale of BMI to IAG, the Regional jets were regulars in to Heathrow
ImageBMI Regional Embraer 145 G-RJXG by Neil D. Brant, on Flickr

They were also part of the Star Allinace Group
ImageBMI Regional Star Alliance Embraer 145 G-RJXI by Neil D. Brant, on Flickr

A former BA Connect 145 at Lulsgate
ImageBMI Regional Embraer 145 G-EMBI by Neil D. Brant, on Flickr

Bristol became a hub for BM Regional when they seperated from the parent company
ImageBMI Regional Embraer 145 G-RJXE by Neil D. Brant, on Flickr

They operated the Agusta-Westland shuttle to Milan Linate, initially from RNAS Yeovilton and then Bristol where it became a scheduled service shared with Agusta employees.
ImageBMI Regional Embraer 145 G-RJXD by Neil D. Brant, on Flickr

I'm going to miss this livery at our airports
ImageBMI Regional Embraer 145 G-RJXR by Neil D. Brant, on Flickr


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Re: Remembering BMI Regional (1987-2019)

Post by acw367 » Wed Feb 27, 2019 11:45 pm

G-EMBJ Embraer ERJ 145EU bmi regional Birmingham 8 October 2017

ImageG-EMBJ Birmingham 8 October 2017 by ACW367, on Flickr

G-RJXO Embraer ERJ 145MP bmi Regional Heathrow 31 August 2009

ImageG-RJXO Heathrow 31 August 2009 by ACW367, on Flickr

Enjoy ACW367

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Re: Remembering BMI Regional (1987-2019)

Post by GCIJem » Sun May 12, 2019 6:58 pm

Pics taken as record shots only - no competition entries here :)

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