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Handley Page HPR7 Herald

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Handley Page HPR7 Herald

Post by LondonEye » Sun May 22, 2016 6:55 pm

In the mid fifties, Handley Page, like many other manufacturers, were trying to design a replacement for the DC3.
The first two Heralds, designated HPR3, were each built with four engines as radial props were still thought to be best.
But, Rolls-Royce were proving the Dart turboprop to be very reliable. Fokker chose it for the F-27.
Handley Page had a rethink, and changed both the HPR3 to each have only two turboprop engines.
The aircraft became HPR7 Dart Heralds.
Only 50 were built (plus one frame for water tank pressure testing).
Here are 24 of those aircraft.
There are a handful left in museums, and some of you will have scanned old pictures, better than mine.
Let's see what we can do.

G-APWA British Air Ferries at Southend base.

Image1 Herald BAF G-APWA Southend

G-APWE British Island Airways landing Gatwick. BIA were regular for years.

Image2 Herald BIA G-APWE Gatwick

G-APWF BIA landing Gatwick.

Image3 Herald BIA G-APWF Gatwick

G-APWG Air UK at Heathrow. Hybrid BIA scheme.

Image4 Herald Air UK G-APWG Heathrow

G-APWH BIA at Gatwick. Close to where the GA used to park.

Image5 Herald BIA G-APWH Gatwick

G-APWJ Air UK at Duxford, undergoing maintenance.

Image6 Herald Air UK G-APWJ Duxford

G-ASKK Air UK preserved at the Norwich Museum.

Image7 Herald Air UK G-ASKK Norwich

G-ASVO Channel Express at Cardiff, when it had an elevated viewing area.

Image8 Herald Channel Express G-ASVO Cardiff

G-ATIG Brymon Heathrow, a regular for a while probably doing Plymouth or Newquay runs.

Image9 Herald Brymon G-ATIG Heathrow

G-AVPN Channel Express preserved at the Yorkshire Aviation Museum, Elvington.

Image10 Herald Channel Express G-AVPN Elvington

G-AYMG BIA landing Gatwick.

Image11 Herald BIA G-AYMG Gatwick

G-BAVX Britsh Midland Airways at Heathrow. They later went for F-27.

Image12 Herald BMA G-BAVX Heathrow

G-BAZJ Air UK Heathrow.

Image13 Herald Air UK G-BAZJ Heathrow

G-BBXI BIA at Heathrow. White tail, probably going to Air UK.

Image14 Herald BIA G-BBXI Heathrow

G-BCWE Trans Azur Aviation Southend. A BAF lease.

Image15 Herald TAA G-BCWE Southend

G-BDFE BAF at Southend. Early colours. The glass reflection, top left, is where the photo was taken on the old "wave off terrace".

Image16 Herald BAF G-BDFE Southend

G-BDZV BAF at Southend.

Image17 Herald BAF G-BDZV Southend

G-BEYE BAF at Hurn. These dark blue colours are a reminder of their previous Malaysian Air Force service.

Image18 Herald BAF G-BEYE Hurn

G-BEYF Channel Express at the old museum site, Hurn Airport.

Image19 Herald Channel Express G-BEYF Bournemouth

G-BEYG BAF at Southend. Some of the ex Malaysian AF were used just for spares.

Image20 Herald BAF G-BEYG Southend

G-BEYH BAF at Southend.

Image21 Herald BAF G-BEYH Southend

G-BEYK Air UK landing Gatwick.

Image22 Herald Air UK G-BEYK Gatwick

G-BEZB Channel Express, taken Hurn on a photobus at airshow.

Image23 Herald Channel Express G-BEZB Hurn

G-CEAS Channel Express, another airshow at Hurn.

Image24 Herald Channel Express G-CEAS Hurn

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Re: Handley Page HPR7 Herald

Post by Polehill » Sun May 22, 2016 11:26 pm

Thanks for the collection, brought back happy memories of Blackpool and Ringway in the early 70s.

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Re: Handley Page HPR7 Herald

Post by keithnewsome » Tue May 24, 2016 8:08 pm

Nice theme ! lovely old Heralds ..... All I have at the moment a couple from my local museum at Norwich .....



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Re: Handley Page HPR7 Herald

Post by Nog59 » Thu Sep 15, 2016 2:09 pm

1 - G-APWA Museum of Berkshire Aviation, Woodley, Reading, July 2007
2 - G-BEBB, Air UK Blackpool August 1980
3 – G-BEYK, Air UK Blackpool June 1980
4 - G-APWG,Air UK Blackpool August 1980
5 - G-APWF, Air UK Blackpool August 1980
6 G-BEYD, BAF Blackpool August 1979
Apols if some of the photos are a bit ropey, but the slides were quite a few years old when I got round to scanning them.
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be
Plenty of pics on my flickr page -http://www.flickr.com/photos/nog59/

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Re: Handley Page HPR7 Herald

Post by GCIJem » Mon May 01, 2017 5:11 pm

Air UK Heralds..

Pics taken as record shots only - no competition entries here :)

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Re: Handley Page HPR7 Herald

Post by GCIJem » Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:14 pm

G-ASVO British Air Ferries - Guernsey
G-BAVX British Air Ferries - Guernsey
G-BBXI British Island Airways - Guernsey
G-AVPN Channel Express - Guernsey
G-AYMG Channel Express - Guernsey
G-ATDS Channel Express Guernsey
G-BAZJ Air UK - Guernsey
Refueling time for a BIA machine
G-BEZB Channel Express suffers an undercarriage problem at Guernsey - 1984
Pics taken as record shots only - no competition entries here :)

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Re: Handley Page HPR7 Herald

Post by waghorn41 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:26 pm

Only two from me, both at Gatwick c1977/8. G-AW(V?)EZ and G-APWF

ImageBIA Herald by Ian Pursey, on Flickr

ImageHerald GAPWF by Ian Pursey, on Flickr

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Re: Handley Page HPR7 Herald

Post by niallsaviation » Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:47 pm

A better look at Gatwicks G-CEXP which was written off on 13-07-1994 when both engines seized, overheated, and caught fire whilst taxing to the threshold of Runway 26

ImageG-CEXP by Niall Moran, on Flickr

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