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LOG - Booker Private Flyer Show 14-5-2022

a section for forthcoming civil orientated airshow discussions, information, calendars, reports and aircraft logs including visitors
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LOG - Booker Private Flyer Show 14-5-2022

Post by LondonEye » Sun May 15, 2022 3:58 pm

A list of aircraft in the Exhibition area on Saturday.

D-FERD Quest Kodiac
I-E020 Zefhir Helicopter
N76T Beech G36
N261MJ Cirrus SR22T
N323CS Cessna 182
N464MW Cirrus SR22T
N940DV TBM-940
N23659 Beech 58
OE-FLZ Diamond DA-42
PH-JVZ Tecnam P2006

2-ANLD PA-34
AVEN Cessna 150
AWCN Cessna 172
BHJU Robin DR400
BTKA Piper Cub
BXRO Cessna 206
CDHR Ikarus
CLOU Best Off
CMCG Tecnam P2010
CMGU Grob G109B
DOGA Diamond DA-50
DUNO Bell 505
FCNC Sonaca S200
HBRB Ikarus
JBHL Bell 505
MZMN Quantum
NGII Bristell NG5
OGOL Tecnam P2006
OVIR Pipistrel
PFTB Tecnam P2008
SJBB Robin DR400
TTEA Cirrus SR20
UNJA Pipistrel
WAYY Maule MX-7
XXSF Bell 505
YBAA Cessna 172
unmarked Skyray M/L

Also on flightline OM-S443 Shark Aero Shark

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Re: LOG - Booker Private Flyer Show 14-5-2022

Post by acw367 » Wed May 18, 2022 10:01 pm

LondonEye wrote:
Sun May 15, 2022 3:58 pm
A list of aircraft in the Exhibition area on Saturday.

N940DV TBM-940
N940DV is now a TBM 960 and at the end of the show they retaped on its test registration F-WWRP which it currently flies as.

Great little exhibition.

Regards ACW367
Canon PowerShot SX740 HS - https://www.flickr.com/photos/acw367

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Re: LOG - Booker Private Flyer Show 14-5-2022

Post by acw367 » Wed May 18, 2022 10:19 pm

My log of the same day. Show aircraft in Bold, the remainder were the based aircraft and day visitors lined up outside the exhibition area.

14 May 2022 EGTB Wycombe Air Park Saturday [Turboprop 4 GevAv 124 Heli 25 = 153]
2-ANLD Piper PA-34 220T Seneca V 3449325 Private
2-LYCO PA-39 Twin Comanche C/R 39-111 Private
D-FERD Kodiak 100-II 100-0281 Rheinland Air Service
F-WWRP/N940DV DAHER TBM 960 1414 Compagnie Daher
G-AISX Piper J-3 C-65 Cub 11663 Private marked as USAAC 330372
G-AVEN Reims/Cessna F150G 0202 Private
G-AVWT PA-28R 180 Cherokee Arrow 28R-30362 Private
G-AWCN Reims/Cessna FR172E Rocket 0020 Private
G-AWFF Reims/Cessna F150H 0280 Private
G-AXSZ Piper PA-28 140 Cherokee B 28-26188 Private
G-AYSY F177RG Cardinal RG 0026 Private
G-BAMR Piper PA-16 Clipper 16-392 Private
G-BBRZ AA-5 Traveler AA5-0471 Private
G-BEHU Piper PA-34 200T Seneca II 34-7670265 Private - WFU Parts missing
G-BGWM Piper PA-28 181 Archer II 28-7990458 Private
G-BHFJ PA-28R T-201T Turbo Arrow IV 28R-7931298 Private
G-BHJU Robin DR.400 2+2 Tricycle 1288 Private
G-BHRO Rockwell Commander 112 A 364 Private

G-BJAJ AA-5B Tiger AA5B-1177 Private
G-BJHB Mooney M.20J Model 201 24-1190 Private
G-BKBW SOCATA TB10 Tobago 289 Private
G-BNCR Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 28-8016111 British Airways Flying Club
G-BNRP Piper PA-28 181 Archer II 28-7790528 Private
G-BNUL Cessna 152 15284486 Private
G-BSVG Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 28-8516013 British Airways Flying Club
G-BTKA Piper J-5 A Cub Cruiser 5-954 Private
G-BUKO Cessna 120 13089 Private
G-BULO Luscombe Silvaire 8A 4216 Ridgway Aviation Ltd
G-BXDI DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 C1/0312 Private marked as WD373
G-BXDN DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 C1/0618 Private marked as WK609
G-BXRO Cessna U206G Stationair 6 U20604217 Private
G-CBHA SOCATA TB10 Tobago 1583 Private
G-CBLY Grob G 109B 6403 Private
G-CBVS Best Off SkyRanger 912(2) BMAA/HB/234 Private
G-CDHR Comco Ikarus C42 FB80 0502-6652 Private
G-CDTA EV-97 TeamEurostar UK 2509 Private
G-CFDJ EV-97 TeamEurostar UK 3209 Private
G-CGEZ Raj Hamsa X-Air Hawk LAA 340-14887 Private
G-CGHW CZAW Sportcruiser 09SC290 Private
G-CGJS CZAW Sportcruiser LAA 338-14962 Private
G-CGMV Roko Aero NG-4 HD 031/2010 Private
G-CGZF EV-97 TeamEurostar UK 3928 Private

G-CHXG CZAW Sportcruiser LAA 338-14884 Private
G-CIKX Robinson R66 0555 Private
G-CITF EV-97 Eurostar SL 2015-4223 Private
G-CKLI PA-28R 180 Cherokee Arrow 28R-31079 Private
G-CLDK Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 28-8516068 G-HIRE Ltd
G-CLJR Robinson R44 Clipper II 11893 Elstree Aerodrome Helicopter Club
G-CLOU Best Off SkyRanger Nynja 297-1 Flylight Airsports Ltd
G-CMCG Tecnam P.2010 TDI 146 Private
G-CMEP Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 2816115 Brinkley Aviation
G-CMGU Grob G 109B Vigilant T.1 6525 Aerobility

G-CMHR Grob G 109B Vigilant T.1 6552 Aerobility
G-CMLE QuikR 6005 GS Aviation (Europe) Ltd
G-COSF Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 28-7716215 Private

G-CUBA PA-32R 301T Turbo Saratoga SP 32R-8029090 Private
G-DIGA Robinson R66 0031 Macrae Aviation
G-DOGA Diamond Aircraft DA50 C 50.C.A.A.014 Hughes Air Limited

G-DOLI Cirrus Design SR20 G3 GTS 2009 Private
G-DPAI Diamond Aircraft DA62 62.139 DPAero Ltd.
G-DPAZ Diamond Star DA40 NG 40.N514 DPAero Ltd.

G-DRGS Cessna 182S Skylane 18280375 Private
G-DUNO Bell 505 Jet Ranger X 65311 G Dacre
G-EEKK Cessna 152 15285621 Private
G-EGLL Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 28-7816257 British Airways Flying Club
G-FCNC Sonaca Aircraft S201 018 Private
G-FELX CZAW Sportcruiser PFA 338-14661 Private
G-GDEF DR.400 120 Petit Prince 1538 Private
G-HALC PA-28R 200 Cherokee Arrow II 28R-7335042 Halcyon Aviation
G-HAPY DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 C1/0697 Private marked as WP809
G-HBRB C42 FB100 Bravo 1811-7550 Private
G-HELE Bell 206B Jet Ranger III 3789 Private
G-HKCC Robinson R66 0516 HQ Aviation
G-HYND Robinson R44 Raven 2433 Heli Air Ltd
G-IBMS Robinson R44 Raven II 11287 Private
G-ICEZ Robinson R44 Cadet 30047 Ice Helicopters
G-ISZA Aerotek Pitts Special S-2A 2137 Private
G-JABU Jabiru J430 PFA 336-14515 Private
G-JBHL Bell 505 Jet Ranger Nxi 65312 Private
G-KCMI Piper PA-46-600TP M600 4698088 Heli Air Ltd
G-KDRZ Piper PA-28 181 Archer TX 2881415 Merrion Projects Limited

G-KOCO SR22 G3 GTS Turbo 3447 Private
G-KRAN Scheibe SF-25C Falke 2000 44652 Private
G-LBAC EV-97 TeamEurostar UK 3934 Private
G-LEMI Vans RV-8 LAA 303-15057 Private
G-LNDA BRM Bristell NG5 Speed Wing LAA 385-15575 Private
G-MADZ Bell 505 Jet Ranger X 65179 Overby Ltd
G-MATB C.A.B. DR.400 160 Chevalier 735 Private
G-MCLK Vans RV-10 41131 Private
G-MSKY Comco Ikarus C42 FB UK PFA 322-13722 Private
G-MZMN Pegasus Quantum 15-912 7445 Private
G-NEIO Diamond Star DA40 NG 40.N488 N R Scarles
G-NGII BRM Bristell NG5 Speed Wing LAA 385-15431 Private
G-OCAF Robinson R44 Cadet 30041 Becketts Aviation

G-ODAK Piper PA-28 236 Dakota 28-7911162 British Airways Flying Club
G-OGOL Tecnam P.2006T 262 Private
G-OIHC PA-32R 301 Saratoga SP 3246163 Private
G-OJAG Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 172S9794 Private
G-OMCM Squirrel AS.350 B3e (H125) 8573 T J Morris Ltd.
G-OOUK Cirrus Design SR22 G2 GTS 1463 Private
G-ORBK Robinson R44 Raven II 10213 Heli Air Ltd
G-OVIN Rockwell Commander 112 TC 13090 Private
G-OVIR Pipistrel Virus SW 121 VSW1210007 Private
G-PCJS Twin Star DA42 NG 42.N027 Paul Cooper & George Sealey
G-PFTB Tecnam P.2008 JC 1240 Private
G-PMGG AB.206A Jet Ranger 8185 AT Aviation (Engineering) Ltd
G-PODD Robinson R66 0727 Private

G-POLH Eurocopter EC135 T2+ 0204 National Police Air Service
G-PRAH Flight Design CT 2K 01-06-01-12 Private
G-PTRE SOCATA TB20 Trinidad 762 Private
G-RILA Flight Design CT SW 06-08-11 Private
G-SHCK Comco Ikarus C42 FB 80 1510-7426 CK Group
G-SIXT Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 2816056 British Airways Flying Club
G-SJBB Robin DR.400 140B (155cdi) 2744 SJ Aircraft
G-SPTR Robinson R44 Raven II 12799 Heli Air Ltd
G-SUUK Sukhoi Su-29 N1001-001 Private
G-TBDI C42 FB100 Bravo 1910-7579 Private
G-TBIO SOCATA TB10 Tobago 340 Private
G-TIJL Twin Squirrel AS.355 NP 5801 Wycombe Management Services
G-TREB Cessna 182T Skylane 18282376 Private
G-TSBY Robinson R44 Clipper II 14238 HQ Aviation
G-TTEA Cirrus Design SR20 2351 Private
G-ULZE Robinson R22 Beta 2048 HQ Aviation
G-UNJA Alpha Trainer BCAR-S 164 AT1640009 Private

G-WACB Reims/Cessna F152 1972 Booker Aviation
G-WACE Reims/Cessna F152 1978 Booker Aviation
G-WACF Cessna 152 15284852 Booker Aviation
G-WAYY Maule MX-7 180 Star Rocket 11028C Private
G-WHAA Sherwood Ranger TLAC-1-004 Progress Vehicle Management Ltd

G-WILC Robinson R66 0932 Private
G-XXSF Bell 505 Jet Ranger X 65198 Seafresh Group (Holdings) Ltd
G-YBAA Reims/Cessna FR172J Rocket 0579 Private

G-ZION Cessna 177B Cardinal 17701690 Private
I-E020 Curti Aerospace Zefhir HELI00002 Private
I-FELC Cirrus Design SR22 GTS G3 3039 Private
LY-BJQ Vans RV-7 72379 Private
N76T Raytheon Bonanza G36 E-3901 Private
N221TN Cirrus Design SR22T 8504 Private
N261MJ Cirrus Design SR22T 8597 Private
N323CS Cessna 182T Skylane 18283123 Private

N464MW Cirrus Design SR22T 8593 Private
N774MW Cirrus Design SR22T 2288 Private
N842VV Cirrus Design SR22T 2282 Private
N949AC Cirrus Design SR22T GTS 0833 Private
N8225Y Cessna 177 Cardinal RG 177RG1247 Private
N8968H North American Navion NAV-4-968 Private
N23659 Beech Baron 58 TH-893 Private
OE-FLZ Twin Star DA42 NG 42.N351 Private
OM-S443 Shark Aero Shark UL 080 Private
PH-JVZ Tecnam P.2006T 318 Private

YU-HEY Gazelle SA.341 G 1320 Private

Total Logged : 153
Canon PowerShot SX740 HS - https://www.flickr.com/photos/acw367

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Re: LOG - Booker Private Flyer Show 14-5-2022

Post by LondonEye » Thu May 19, 2022 7:33 am

Thanks acw367. It was later when checking photos that I noticed N940DV was marked as a 960 on the tail.
You solved a puzzle for me. When checking a few trails on FR24 I noticed F-WWRP showing up on site.
I thought someone had not updated their box. That answers it.

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