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Norwich 31/08/2020 and 01/09/2020

Post your logs, movements and information for Norwich here.
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Norwich 31/08/2020 and 01/09/2020

Post by Maltatripper » Wed Sep 02, 2020 11:27 am

Arrived at NWI on 31/08/2020 and saw the following;

G-CIPW, G-CYKP and G-CJNI AW139 taking off.

Near Saxon Air
G-BSSC and G-SEJW both PA28.

Parked near the hangars were G-LCAA, G-LCYV, G-LCYY and G-LCYZ all ERJ190 in BA c/s.

Parked by the junction of the A140 and A1042 are G-LCYM and G-LCYR ERJ190 in BA c/s VH-NUV F70 in Alliance c/s. According to www.planespotters.net the latter has been stored since November 2018.

From that point, I could see the City of Norwich Aviation Museum, and logged the following;
T33 16718

Herald G-ASKK
Meteor WK654
Hunter XE683
Hunter XG168
Vulcan XM612
Whirlwind XP355
Nimrod XV255
Jaguar XX109

I could also see the storage area near the Offshore Fire and Survival Training Centre (www.petans.co.uk).

This held G-LCAB, G-LCYN and G-LCYU all ERJ190 in BA c/s plus 1. SE-DSS ARJ In Braathens c/s plus 3. 9H-OME B737 of AirX Charter.

Before returning to the airport, I saw G-BAIS C177 and G-BMSD PA28. I also saw EI-RJN RJ85 all white parked at the eastern end of the Airport. According to plansepotters it has been stored at NWI since February 2019.

When I arrived, I saw G-FBEK ERJ190 in Great Dane c/s tax over to the KLM hangar. From Saxon Air, I saw G-JLCA PA34 and G-NHVN AW139. G-LCAA ERJ190 in BA c/s was also parked by the KLM hangar.

Moving along to the Industrial Park, I could see the storage area from a different angle and logged 9H-OME B737, G-FBEJ ERJ190 all white, G-LCYP ERJ190 in BA c/s and P4-GIU RJ85 which has been stored since 2011. viewtopic.php?t=29657

On returning to Saxon Air, I logged G-EEGU PA28, G-LCYX ERJ190 in BA c/s was parked by the KLM hangar. I also saw G-CHBY and G-CIPX both AW139 by the Bristows Hangar. The Saxon Air area also had G-BSSC, G-EEGU, G-LRCA and G-ECAP HR200.

On 01/09/2020, I saw G-EMSS EC145 and G-SNSE AW139 at Horsham St Faith. A bit further on, I saw G-DHGS R22 and then G-DRNT WG30 at Petans.

On reaching City of Norwich Aviation Museum (which was closed) , I logged the following;
Canberra WH984 (nose)
Vulcan XM612
Harrier XW268
Whirlwind XP355
Nimrod XV255

I also logged the following in the storage area; G-FBEF, G-FBEG, G-FBEH and G-FBEI ERJ190 all white. G-LCYJ ERJ190 in BA c/s, SE-DSS plus 3 ARJ In Braathens c/s and P4-GIU. Flying over were G-CJNI and G-NHVN. Moving on I saw G-BNNO PA28 and G-CHNS AW139.

On arriving at the storage area, I logged the following;
9H-OME B737

+ ERJ190 in BA c/s
& ARJ in Braathens c/s

I also G-CHNS, and logged G-NHVN in Hosham St Faith.

Backed at NWI, I saw G-EXEK A109, G-BNSG and G-SEJW PA28 and G-LINJ R44 at Saxon Air.

Shortly after G-SAJG ERJ145 and G-SAJT G-SAJT of Loganair flew in, (they later flew out again). They were followed by G-JLCA. Later LN-TUM B737of SAS arrived.
Over by KLM was G-LCYX. There were 2 AW139 including G-CJNI near Bristows.

Then I headed for home.

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Re: Norwich 31/08/2020 and 01/09/2020

Post by Vulture 01 » Mon Oct 05, 2020 3:14 pm

Just for information, here are a few detail of some of the based airframes.

PA28-181: G-BMSD

All above are either owned, or operated by Premier Flight Training. They are parked on the western end of the airfield, north of the Saxonair hangar.

Hope this helps non-local spotters.

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