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PIK 8/4/19 0850-1700

Post your logs, movements and information for Prestwick here.
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PIK 8/4/19 0850-1700

Post by Mike s » Wed Apr 17, 2019 4:17 pm

* denotes a new airframe spotted
noted at a freezing cold and windy but sunny day at prestwick for week 2 of joint warrior 19/1
Reg'n Aircraft Type C/No. Operator Notes
03-3125 Boeing C-17A 50133 United States Air Force/6AS Dep as "Reach 304"
*11 Breguet Atlantique 11 French Navy/21F
* 140112 Lockheed P-3 Orion 5715 Royal Canadian Air Force/407sqn dep as "Deacon 18"
168848 P-8A Poseidon 44140 United States Navy/VP-26
* 169009 P-8A Poseidon 44951 United States Navy/VP-4
*2-RNWL Cessna Citation M2 525-0980 Ortac AOC Ltd arr from OXF
3298 Lockheed P-3 Orion 5819 Royal Norwegian Air Force/333skv
60+06 Lockheed P-3 Orion 5769 German Navy/MFG-3
84-0096 Learjet 35 35A-542 United States Air Force/76AS Arr/dep as "Valor 42"
* 9 Breguet Atlantique 9 French Navy/23F
*92-0552 Lockheed C-130H Hercules 5348 United States Air Force/700AS
*93-1037 Lockheed C-130H Hercules 5369 United States Air Force/700AS
*95-1001 Lockheed C-130H Hercules 5421 United States Air Force/109AS Arr from UDE
9H-VCL Bombardier Challenger 350 20606 Vista Jet Malta
* B-5363 Boeing 737 NG 86J/W 30500 Shenzhen Airlines Over flight HEL-
EI-DHR Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 33822 Ryanair Arr as "Ryanair 65CY" dep "Ryanair 43ST" f/t AGP/ALC
EI-EMA Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 35032 Ryanair Arr as "Ryanair 8WZ" from TFS
EI-ESR Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 34995 Ryanair dep as "Ryanair 7842" to RMU
G-ATSL Cessna 172 0260 Aircraft Engineers Ltd
* G-AZWY Piper PA-24 Comanche 260 Comanche C 24-4806 Hugh Donnan
G-BCVC Morane-Saulnier Rallye 110ST Galopin 2548 William Haddow wfu stored
G-BFZH Piper PA-28R Arrow 200 Cherokee Arrow 28R-35307 Aircraft Engineers Ltd
G-BMCI Cessna 172 0683 Andrew Davis Dep to CBG
G-BNGT Piper PA-28 Cherokee 181 Archer II 28-8590036 Adnan Soojeri
G-BNVT Piper PA-28R Arrow 201T Turbo Arrow III 28R-7703157 Victor Tango group
G-BOAH Piper PA-28 Cherokee 161 Warrior II 28-8416030 Aircraft Engineers Ltd
G-BSNG Cessna 172 17270192 A&P Macdonald
G-BTFC Cessna 152 1668 Prestwick flight centre
G-BTRU Robin DR.400 180 Regent 2089 Robert MacKay
G-BXCC Piper PA-28 Cherokee 201T Turbo Dakota 28-7921068 Greer Aviation
G-BYKP Piper PA-28R Arrow T-201T Turbo Arrow IV 28R-7931029 Private
G-CBFJ Robinson R44 Raven 1131 Michael Klinge
G-CCAE Jabiru Aircraft Jabiru PFA 274A-13938 Duncan Logan
G-CENW Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 PFA 315-14612 W.S Long
G-FFRA Dassault Falcon 20 EW 132 Cobham Aviation Services Callsign Topknot 12/22
G-FRAK Dassault Falcon 20 EW 213 Cobham Aviation Services
G-FRAR Dassault Falcon 20 EW 209 Cobham Aviation Services
G-FRAT Dassault Falcon 20 EW 87 Cobham Aviation Services Callsign "Starbeam 21"
G-MCGR AgustaWestland AW. 189 92004 HM Coastguard Callsign "Coastguard 199"
G-PDGT AS.355 F2 Twin Squirrel 5374 PDG Helicopters over flight callsign "Osprey 64"
*G-SMMB Cessna F406 Caravan II 406-0095 Directflight
* G-TIVV Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 PFA 315-14435 Albert Olivier
* G-TTEC Piper PA-32 301FT Piper 6X 3232066 Taytech Environmental
*N111SC Beech Bonanza N35 D-6795 Private
*N321SK Robinson R44 Cadet 30050 Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc
*N940AC Rockwell Turbo Commander 690C 11629 Thomas H Walker Arr from RKV
*SET 68 British Aerospace ATP Jetstream 61 2068 British Aerospace fuselage only
XX189 British Aerospace Hawk T.1A 41H-312036 Royal Navy/736NAS callsign "Banyan 11"
*XX239 British Aerospace Hawk T.1W 41H-312075 Royal Navy/736NAS
*XX256 British Aerospace Hawk T.1A 41H-312092 Royal Navy/736NAS callsign "Bounty 13"
XX285 British Aerospace Hawk T.1A 41H-312110 Royal Air Force/100sqn callsign Bounty 12/23
YU-FSS Dassault Falcon 2000LX S 320 Prince Aviation
* ZJ164 SA.365 N2 Dauphin 2 6406 Royal Navy Arr as "Broadway 04"
Check out my pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/46921869@N02/

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