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LOGs: Naples (Italy) 14/10/18 & 21/10/18

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LOGs: Naples (Italy) 14/10/18 & 21/10/18

Post by rubberneck » Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:47 am


noted at Naples between 1135 and 1150 local time

not including EZY & RYR

G-GDFO B733 Jet2

G-JZHW B738 Jet2

G-JZBL B738 Jet2

VQ-BAX A320 Aeroflot

I-BIXK A321 Alitalia

F-GKXH A320 Air France / Joon

OY-YAB AT72 Mistral

OY-CLY AT72 Air Alsie

HB-JCO BCS3 Swissair

EI-CPG A320 Aer Lingus

D-AIRL A321 Lufthansa

OY-JJH J328 Sun-Air



Also over the far side - and if anybody can supply ids for the B737s & ATRs I'd be much obliged

1 X G222 (MM62107?)

8 x B737 all appeared to be white with no titles apart from one that had titles

(thanks to Dean Mitchell on CAE egroup 7 of the B737s should be N647SW, N651SW, N654SW, N655WN, N7374C, N7377S & N7378C)

3 x ATR all appeared white no titles


2 x Sikorsky S64 Skycrane



noted whilst waiting for my flight home (10:30 - 1315 local time)

not including EZY and RYR

I-EDLO Hawker 750 (dep)

I-ALVC Hawker 400XP

I-FDED Hawker 400XP

I-PSCU Beech 400A

I-SKYT Cessna 510

T7-BRE CL604

D-AIRB A321 Lufthansa

D-AINB A20N Lufthansa

EC-MBY A320 Vueling

EI-DEP A320 Aer Lingus

EI-DTJ A320 Alitalia

EI-EWJ B712 Volotea

EI-IMS A319 Alitalia

F-HEPC A320 Joon / Air France

G-CELY B733 Jet2

G-GATU A320 British Airways

G-GDFJ B738 Jet2

G-JZBC B738 Jet2

G-JZHO B738 Jet2

HA-LWK A320 Wizzair

HB-IOH A321 Swissair

OE-LTK E170 People's Viennaline

OK-SWT B737 Smartwings

OO-SSH A319 Brussels Airline

SU-GCP B738 Egyptair


VQ-BAY A320 Aeroflot

over far side a slight change post from my arrival a week ago

only 1 white ATR (instead of 3) ~ although an all white one was terminal side but tucked in a small engine run bay

only 7 white B737 (instead of 8) one of which was nose in to a hangar ~ was only able to read off 4 - N651SW, N7374C, N7377C and N7378C

also still present Z3-ARA DC9 and G222 (MM62107)

2 Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane coded (on the nose) 102 & 103

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