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LOG 29/Sep/2018

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LOG 29/Sep/2018

Post by EGVP » Sun Sep 30, 2018 3:23 pm

Visited yesterday for the Revival Festival and nightshoot. The following seen on the Belfast Apron...I think (based on some very hazy photos from probably the furthest possible point!)

N389DF 737 KD Avia
G-CELI 737 Jet2
RP-C8994 A320 Air Asia
5H-FJD A319 Fastjet
G-CELA 737 Jet2
EI-RUJ 737 Transaero
EI-STD 737 ASL Airlines
TF-AMV 747 Medview
OO-DWC 146 Brussels Airlines
________________________ not sure what this is, doesn't look like a 737 or A320!
N176GT 777 Thai Airways
HL8232 737 t'way Airlines
G-DAJB 757 Monarch Airlines

On the ASI ramp was:

G-CELW 737 Jet2
EZ-A106 717 Turkmenistan Airlines
VP-CMN 727 fuselage

South-side saw:

G-MKGA 747 MK Airlines
M-FTOH 727
N19UG Dominie

Any help with my missing aircraft on the Belfast apron appreciated.

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Re: LOG 29/Sep/2018

Post by tailwind56 » Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:28 am


This is correct up to 24th September for Belfast
/scrapping area

HA-SHA B737-500 (fuselage on pallets)
G-THOC B737-500 (fuselage on pallets)
G-DAJB B757 (fuselage, in sections)
G-CELA B733 (no engines)
G-CELI B733 (no engines or tail)
G-CELW B733 (no engines)
N176GT B777 (no engines) (ex HS-TJF)
HL8232 B737-800 (no cockpit, tail or engines)
RP-C8994 A320 (no engines or tail)
OO-DWC RJ100 (fuselage section)
TF-AMV B747-400 (no engines)
5H-FJD A319 Fastjet (no tail no engines, on pallets)
PK-KSC ATR 72 (fwd fuselage and wings, no engines)
G-EMBC EMB145 (fuselage)
2-LYTF ERJ170 (fwd fuselage & cockpit)
EI-STD B737 (fwd fuselage & cockpit)
N105KR A319CJ (no engines or tail, on pallets)
HB-JGK Jetstar (fuselage, no engines)
N389DF B737-300 (no engines)
EI-RUJ B738 (no radome, engines or tail)
G-BRIA Cessna 310

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