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UK Light Aviation google group

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 5:18 pm
by andygolfer
As some of you may know Nick Challoner (porkscratching) and I have been running the Stansted google group (!forum/stnae ) for a long time and we have recently been discussing the start up of a new google group to focus on the light aviation end of our hobby. We feel there is a gap to be filled to cover the activities of light aircraft and small airfields in the UK and to that end we have created a new google group to focus on that. The group is called 'UK Light Aviation Enthusiasts' UKLAE for short and the group is now open for sign up here:!forum/uklae

We hope that those of you that have an interest in the lighter end of aviation will join us and help to build a useful active platform for movements, logs and discussion. It is not aimed at the bizJet or larger GA area of the hobby -we feel there are plenty of groups covering that already but we believe this will usefully fill a gap that exists up until today.

Here's that link again:!forum/uklae

Andy (and Nick)