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Log Okinawa-Naha & Kadena Feb 2018.

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Log Okinawa-Naha & Kadena Feb 2018.

Post by Adderman » Sun Feb 18, 2018 7:17 pm

Notes from my recent trip as posted elsewhere.

Customs and Immigration didn’t take too long, Japanese efficiency at it’s best and 15 minutes after we were due to arrive in Naha I was already on the viewing deck. Cost is 100jpy per visit by turnstile. No facilities on the deck and the only seating is a wall undercover.

This lot was noted from here and my apartment up til 2300 when the last flights arrived. I’d checked the overnight ANA Cargo 767’s that were due and as I needed none of the five it was time for zzzz.

Okinawa-Naha. 07/02/2018. 1400-2300.

Locals first.
JA01RK B73G Japan TransOcean Air*
JA02RK B73G Japan TransOcean Air*
JA03AN B73G All Nippon Airways
JA03RK B73G Japan TransOcean Air*
JA04RK B73G Japan TransOcean Air*
JA04VA A320 Vanilla Air
JA05RK B73G Japan TransOcean Air*
JA06JJ A320 Jetstar Japan*
JA07JJ A320 Jetstar Japan*
JA12VA A320 Vanilla Air*
JA16JJ A320 Jetstar Japan*
JA73NC B73G Skymark Airlines
JA73ND B73G Skymark Airlines
JA73NJ B73G Skymark Airlines
JA73NY B73G Skymark Airlines*
JA74AN B73G All Nippon Airways*
JA75AN B73G All Nippon Airways
JA81AN B73G All Nippon Airways*
JA81RC DHC8 Ryukyu Air Commuter*
JA82RC DHC8 Ryukyu Air Commuter*
JA83AN B73G All Nippon Airways*
JA83RC DHC8 Ryukyu Air Commuter*
JA84RC DHC8 Ryukyu Air Commuter*
JA85RC DHC8 Ryukyu Air Commuter*
JA86AN B73G All Nippon Airways*
JA113A A321 All Nippon Airways* these only came in after dark!
JA300K B737 ANA Wings*
JA307K B737 ANA Wings
JA314J B73G Japan Airlines
JA326J B73G Japan Airlines* surprised how rare these were here.
JA357K B737 ANA Wings
JA358K B737 ANA Wings
JA606A B767 All Nippon Airways
JA656J B767 Japan Airlines
JA703A B777 All Nippon Airways
JA705A B777 All Nippon Airways
JA710A B777 All Nippon Airways
JA714A B777 All Nippon Airways
JA715A B777 All Nippon Airways*
JA737Q B73G Skymark Airlines
JA737X B73G Skymark Airlines
JA737Z B73G Skymark Airlines
JA757A B777 All Nippon Airways
JA803P A320 Peach
JA804X B73G Solaseed Air*
JA805X B73G Solaseed Air*
JA807P A320 Peach*
JA809X B73G Solaseed Air*
JA811P A320 Peach*
JA812X B73G Solaseed Air*
JA817A B787 All Nippon Airways*
JA820P A320 Peach*
JA821A B767 All Nippon Airways*
JA840A B787 All Nippon Airways*
JA8504 B737 ANA Wings
JA8579 B767 All Nippon Airways
JA8938 B737 Japan TransOcean Air* wfu over far side. Titles removed.
JA8939 B737 Japan TransOcean Air
JA8975 B767 Japan Airlines
JA8977 B777 Japan Airlines* was the earliest B777 I still needed!
JA8992 B737 Japan TransOcean Air* wfu over far side. Titles removed.
JA8993 B737 Japan TransOcean Air*
JA8994 B737 Japan TransOcean Air
JA8995 B737 Japan TransOcean Air*
JA8996 B737 Japan TransOcean Air*
JA8998 B737 Japan TransOcean Air*

B-HSK A320 Cathay Dragon
B-1809 A320 Capital Airlines*
B-6099 A330 China Eastern Airlines
B-6340 A320 Juneyao Airlines*
B-9947 A321 China Eastern Airlines(made it in Honkers this morning!)
B-18302 A330 China Airlines
B-18915 A350 China Airlines*
B-50001 A320 Tigerair Taiwan*
HL7550 A330 Korean Air
HL8032 B73G Jeju Air*
HL8036 B73G Eastar Jet*
HL8086 B73G Tway Air* The former F-HJUL which haunted me when I was in France!
HL8237 B73G Tway Air

Bits inc non-main op liners.
JA010G CJ4 Japan Civil Aviation Bureau*
JA202D DHC6 First Flying/Dai-Ichi Koku*
JA720A DHC8 Japan Maritime Safety Agency*
JA721A DHC8 Japan Maritime Safety Agency*
JA889L C208 Not known* and never moved!
JA8571 F900 Japan Maritime Safety Agency**

JA22RP AU109 National Police Agency*
JA974A AW139 Japanese Coast Guard* 1 of 2, no idea on the second.

GA. Pedro the secret spam spotter emerges again.
JA07AD Pa46
JA4128 Pa28
JA5283 C303

Mil that qualify?
5035 5040 5044 5055 5084 5091 5094 5101.

Kadena AFB and MCAS Futenma.
If they’re on westerlies into the airbases then approaches can be seen from my apartment. block. Twice I had to go haring up to the roof for an E3, 75-0559 and a C130, 13-5776.

So a brilliant first day in Japan, add a few more JSDF unmentionables plus 4 preserved on the gate and I made 98. Naha gets a lot of the smaller Japanese operators in significant doses that are harder to get up in the Home Islands.

As most things that arrived after 2200 nightstop and nothing apart from the ANA 767F’s depart before 0700 then you’d normally expect a lie-in for day 2. Not a bit because by 0600 I was back at the airport for a day-trip up to Fukuoka, log for that will be separate. This was another bargain of £45 one way with Japan TransOcean Air and £29 back on Peach. Not bad for just under 4 hours flight time and only booked 14 days ago.

Okinawa- Naha 08/02/2018.
Nothing new first thing except another P3 (5055) and lots more unmentionables as we taxied out, passing lots of opened hangars and I was able to glean a few bits off my photos.

JA73NU B73G Skymark Airlines* was noted on return as we parked next to it. 7 Frames duly claimed for OKA today.

Peach operate from the LCC Low Cost Terminal (it’s actually a shed in the Freight Area) so nothing else was noted on returning at 2200. I’d get the other nightstoppers the following morning and I was home by 2300.

Okinawa-Naha 09/02/2018.

Up at 0630 and with southerly approaches due again it was time to spend a session with the camera down on Senaga Island, walk takes 45 minutes from Akamine. A great few hours here while the nightstoppers poured out then the JSDF came to play. Left at 1100 as I was going to Kadena for the afternoon, back by 2000 so this was the log for today, repeats removed where possible. Runway direction also changed during the afternoon as forecast.

JA02VA A320 Vanilla Air*
JA11VA A320 Vanilla Air
JA17AN B73G All Nippon Airways
JA51AN B73G All Nippon Airways
JA61AN B73G All Nippon Airways
JA66AN B73G All Nippon Airways
JA73NA B73G Skymark Airlines
JA73NF B73G Skymark Airlines
JA73NT B73G Skymark Airlines*
JA78AN B73G All Nippon Airways*
JA85AN B73G All Nippon Airways*
JA111A A321 All Nippon Airways*(another nocturnal visitor!!)
JA302K B737 ANA Wings
JA605F B767 All Nippon Airways
JA659J B767 Japan Airlines
JA708A B777 All Nippon Airways
JA711A B777 All Nippon Airways
JA737N B73G Skymark Airlines
JA743A B777 All Nippon Airways
JA807X B73G Solaseed Air*
JA808X B73G Solaseed Air*
JA8196 B737 All Nippon Airways
JA8945 B777 Japan Airlines
JA8984 B777 Japan Airlines

9V-JSM A320 Jetstar Asia Airways
B-LNI A330 Hong Kong Airlines
B-16207 A321 EVA Air*
B-50011 A320 Tigerair Taiwan*
B-50017 A320 Tigerair Taiwan*
HL7773 A320 Asiana Airlines
HL8292 B73G Eastar Jet

JA20DA KA200*
23054 KA350 JASDF*
82-3009 125 JASDF*

JA63NH AS365 All Nippon Helicopter*

P3 5076*
C130 75-1075
C130 75-1076

With a few rockets led to 26 being claimed for the day.

Kadena AFB.
Not for the civvie purists but I didn’t intend to miss this place.
Takes 90 minutes on the 120 bus from Naha to Kadena town then a mile walk alongside route 58 towards the viewing deck at the ‘Road Station Kadena’ on the northern edge of the base. The place itself is surrounded by a 15ft wall but the RSK gives excellent views over the ramps with lots of P8(73G’s and other transports readable) Other ramps further back towards the town can be read by using various apartment block fire escapes!.
The C130s can only be read from the Rt58 footbridge on the SW side of the base overlooking the Katenakichi Golf Course.

Noted 1300-1730. All USAF transports unless spec

05-5145 C17 March
06-6158 C17 Travis
12-5762 MC130J*
13-5775 MC130J*
13-5776 MC130J
13-5777 MC130J*
57-1454 KC135
57-1502 KC135
59-1482 KC135
62-3498 KC135
62-3552 KC135
63-7987 KC135
63-8022 KC135
64-14841 EC135
77-0355 E3*
84-00152 C12* US Army
84-00155 C12* US Army
86-0083 C12J* US Army, first B1900 made in years!
87-0023 MC130H
88-0264 MC130H*
95-0122 E8 for the civvies this was the former JY-ADP!
96-0004 C17 McChord
156529 EP3 US Navy
157316 P3* US Navy
158210 P3 US Navy
161596 P3* US Navy
162957 C130J* US Marine Corps
163004 P3 US Navy
168754 P8 US Navy
168758 P8 US Navy
168759 P8* US Navy
168997 P8 US Navy
169005 P8* US Navy

An outstanding afternoon bagging another E3, a brace of USN B73G’s and 4 C130’s. Add a dozen rockets and I made 28. If anyone wants a full list for ZZ land send me a PM. The walk took a couple of hours but fortunately there are several garages and food outlets en-route. Bus back to Naha took nearly 2 hours even though it’s only 15 miles! Cost was Jpy 1830 rtn.

Okinawa-Naha 10/02/2018.
Yesterday’s walks had taken more out of me than thought so I wasn’t feeling too good on waking up next day. With them due to be on northerlies all day I stayed at the apartment till lunchtime before going over to the airport itself. Heavy rain was also forecast for later in the afternoon so this time I remained indoors viewing from the 4th floor. Though it’s behind glass decent photos can still be taken and I was happy enough with the results. Again repeats removed where possible.

JA06VA A320 Vanilla Air
JA007D B777 Japan Airlines
JA08JJ A320 Jetstar Japan*
JA11JJ A320 Jetstar Japan*
JA12JJ A320 Jetstar Japan*
JA15JJ A320 Jetstar Japan
JA23MC A320 Star Flyer(2nd revenue service into OKA)
JA55AN B73G All Nippon Airways*
JA64AN B73G All Nippon Airways
JA68AN B73G All Nippon Airways*
JA70AN B73G All Nippon Airways*
JA73AN B73G All Nippon Airways*
JA73NG B73G Skymark Airlines
JA73NK B73G Skymark Airlines
JA73NL B73G Skymark Airlines
JA73NM B73G Skymark Airlines
JA131A A320N All Nippon Airways* Only NEO seen here and again…after dark!
JA303K B737 ANA Wings* another old stager finally bagged.
JA305K B737 ANA Wings
JA328J B73G Japan Airlines
JA332J B73G Japan Airlines
JA359K B737 ANA Wings
JA605A B767 All Nippon Airways
JA607A B767 All Nippon Airways
JA614A B767 All Nippon Airways
JA655J B767 Japan Airlines
JA706A B777 All Nippon Airways
JA709A B777 All Nippon Airways
JA741A B777 All Nippon Airways
JA745A B777 All Nippon Airways
JA751J B777 Japan Airlines
JA752A B777 All Nippon Airways
JA752J B777 Japan Airlines
JA771J B777 Japan Airlines
JA801X B73G Solaseed Air
JA810A B787 All Nippon Airways
JA810X B73G Solaseed Air*
JA811X B73G Solaseed Air*
JA814P A320 Peach
JA815P A320 Peach
JA833A B787 All Nippon Airways*
JA8286 B767 All Nippon Airways
JA8567 B767 All Nippon Airways* possible the oldest JA liner I needed!
JA8674 B767 All Nippon Airways
JA8944 B777 Japan Airlines

B-HSD A320 Dragon Air
B-LNP A330 Hong Kong Airlines
B-LNT A330 Hong Kong Airlines
B-LPN A320 Hong Kong Airlines
B-5179 B73G Air China*
B-5973 A330 China Eastern Airlines
B-5680 B73G Air China*
B-6082 A330 China Eastern Airlines
B-16828 E190 Mandarin Airlines
B-18302 A330 China Airlines
B-18358 A330 China Airlines
B-18359 A330 China Airlines
B-50008 A320 Tigerair Taiwan
B-50015 A320 Tigerair Taiwan*
B-50016 A320 Tigerair Taiwan*
HL7555 B73G Jin Air
HL7557 B73G Jin Air
HL8029 B73G Eastar Jet
HL8053 B73G Eastar Jet* The former D-ABME Air Berlin…FRAME…oops!
HL8062 B73G Jeju Air
HL8095 B73G Tway Air*
HL8211 A330 Korean Air
HL8239 B73G Jeju Air
HL8277 A321 Asiana Airlines.


GA, one for Pedro.
JA123E Pa34.

P3 5073*

N828AX B777 Departed Kadena AFB 1402L

2 F15 launched on a QRA and 1 was required. Add a few excellent Japanese gapfillers and 21 were claimed for a busy Saturday. The weather deteriorated as expected(their forecasts are accurate) so it was a case of dashing home between the cloudbursts but still a successful day was had.

Okinawa-Naha 11/02/2018.
Last day…sob and having checked out of my apartment by 0730 I was back at Naha for the 1125 Hong Kong Airlines flight back to China. Noted before departure.

JA18AN B73G All Nippon Airlines
JA62AN B73G All Nippon Airlines
JA712A B777 All Nippon Airlines
JA8936 DHC8 Ryukyu Air Commuter***. This had appeared over at maint this morning. Unable to read from anywhere either airside or landside as it was blocked by JA8992. Finally bagged on take-off having graphed it and getting the reg off the wing! An excellent last frame for OKA and I’d leave the Island only needing JA8999 of the local fleet. This hadn’t flown since 30th Jan so might have been tucked away in maint all the time.

9V-JSR A320 Jetstar Asia Airways
B-LNI A330 Hong Kong Airlines(rpt) but it was my flight back to HKG.
B-18357 A330 China Airlines
HL7558 B73G Jin Air* another very old beastie!
HL7769 A320 Asiana Airlines*


JA358Y As350*. Came out of the Nippon Heli hangar just before I left!

P3 5093*
Plus another mil heli noted on taxi out.
Total of 6 claimed for the last day, making a total of 157 for Naha over the 5 days I was here. Would have been a few more had I not done Fukuoka as quite a lot on Saturday in Naha had been seen there. Thoroughly enjoyed my time in Okinawa, it’s a great place to bag JA domestic liners without going to the Home Islands themselves. Even for the tourist there’ll be a lot to see non aviation wise around the place.

B-LNI had me back into Hong Kong 2h28 minutes after departure.

That’s all for now, comments welcome.

Mike J Parsons

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