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white waltham mixed emotions

Posted: Sun May 06, 2018 6:59 pm
by Apache123
hi all,

not visited here for afew years and went today on the way bk from my trip to popham. logged the vast amount of airframes out and about on the field. was told to ask at the control point to ask to look rpund the 2 hangars to the left as you look at it, which i did. was asked to wait outside for some ground crew by a lovely woman in the control point and was left waiting for nearly an hour with no one showing up or saying nothing so just a word of caution if anyone else does this dont expect to much. not sure ill be making a return visit for a while. if it was a no then just say i was with my girlfriend and little one and didnt want them waiting round anymore.
On a brighter note the amount of vintage aircraft from germany, the uk and russia was a great sight