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Yeovilton Base Tour 04/04/2018 (Civil)

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Yeovilton Base Tour 04/04/2018 (Civil)

Post by Bobbybefc » Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:29 pm


Had a base tour on Wednesday with a ex work colleague who was a Helicopter Technician with the AAC civil aircraft seen were as follows:-

G-ALFA- Auster

G-ATGY- Horizon

G-BARS/1377- Chipmunk

G-BIRD- Pitts

G-BKDR- Pitts


G-BOXH- Pitts


G-BWHP/S4-AO7- Jungman*

G-BYVF- Grob Tutor *

G-BYVK- Grob Tutor *

G-BYWM- Grob Tutor

G-BYXK- Grob Tutor *

G-BYXS- Grob Tutor *

G-CBDM- Tecnam*

G-CCUA- Pegasus Quik

G-CHDP- PZL-Bielsklo*

G-CLEM- Bolkow Junior

G-EHCC- PZL-Bielsklo*

G-IIRG- Glasair

G-KLAW- Christen Eagle

G-OHGC- S25 Falke*


Made 34 in total not all the hangars were accessed nor was the museum visited.

Bob :thumb:

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