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Civilian Aviation Forum Rules

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:10 pm
by CivilianAviation
These rules are set out by the Civilian Aviation team for the smooth running of the site and for respect to other members of the forum.
All members of the forum will abide by every rule. All rules apply throughout the forum.

1 - No swearing or offensive language in any section of the forum, this forum is a place for all ages of the aviation community, please respect this and do not post or link to derogatory or unsavoury material.
Be courteous and respectful to other members at all times, any posts that are confrontational will be deleted without warning and a ban will be put into effect.

2 - Give credit within your post if you have shared the information from another site, if you share any information from CivilianAviation to another site then also give credit please.

3 - The CivilianAviation forum is for sharing news, movements and photos etc. of civilian aircraft and airshows only - the only exception to this rule can be found in rule 5(b) below.

4 - Moderators can and will edit/delete posts or entire threads that are in breach of any rules without warning. However, a private message by the moderator in question will usually be sent explaining why the action has been taken with a link to these rules.

5 - Photographic images should only be posted in the photo sections and the maximum size is 1600 x 1200, the full photo posting rules can be found here :- viewtopic.php?f=11&t=61&p=59244#p59244 Please read the photo section rules before posting.

6 – Airport codes can only be used if the name of the airport/airfield is also used in the topic title, this applies to all sections of the forum.

7 - ALL posts must be made in English and readable with no text-speak at all. Text-speak is not regarded as a mode of communication here because it is pure idleness/laziness of the English Language. If you are in doubt of how to spell a word then please use Google, a spell-checker or a dictionary.

8 - Posts (and post titles) should never be made entirely with capital letters - this is classed as shouting and is rude, posts should not be made-up entirely of lower-case letters either. Each sentence and thread-title should also start with a capital letter. No double posting is allowed, i.e. same post in two separate sections, this is only allowable by Staff.

9 - Under NO circumstances is the Civilian Aviation name to be used to gain access or attempt to gain access to any show, airfield or airport establishment.

10 - For those who are just visiting the Forum and who subsequently decide to join, please note that all account activations are done manually. That way we can check for known spammers, trouble-makers, advertisers etc. Please do not attempt to join the Forum, using multiple usernames and email addresses if not instantly activated. Multiple usernames for any one user are therefore forbidden, if you already have an account then do not register for an additional one.

11 - The advertising of profit-making and commercial websites & social media platforms is prohibited

12 - All Posts are made by the author, Civilian Aviation are in no way responsible/liable for the contents of any member's posts.

13 - no information, photos, videos or other material which has been obtained illegally or by trespass shall be posted on the forum - moderators may ask for confirmation of legality of such posts or in obvious cases will remove them immediately to protect the reputation of the forum

14 - Respect the decisions of the Staff, if you personally disagree with the actions of a staff member, please contact an administrator via private message or email explaining your problem. Do not post any problems publicly on the forum.

The administrators reserve the rights to modify these rules at any time.

Re: Civilian Aviation Forum Rules

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2022 5:50 pm
by CivilianAviation
Just a reminder to everyone to abide by Rule 8 and not write thread titles all in capital letters please, thanks. :)