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Coronavirus UK lockdown and our hobby, some temporary rules

Please read the rules before posting on the forum.
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Coronavirus UK lockdown and our hobby, some temporary rules

Post by CivilianAviation » Tue Mar 24, 2020 2:58 pm

In line with yesterday's announcement from the Government, we need to make our position clear. Our aviation hobbies - mainly spotting and photography of aviation, is not an essential activity and thus we should not be venturing out to pursue the hobby.
To keep us compliant with the Government rules any posts on this site that relate to photography or logs relating to UK locations during the shutdown that are clearly not ‘at home spotting’ or from a 'permitted work place' e.g. airfield photos, logs and visits made after 23rd March will have to be removed from the forum to demonstrate our compliance and for the poster's good.

You will notice that we have stated 'photographs and logs relating to the UK' , we are aware of and grateful for the posts we receive from locations beyond the UK and we will be happy for those to continue provided they comply with the relevant rules at the time in the country of their origin.

Regarding our photo competitions:
POTM: any photos taken AFTER 23rd March will be excluded unless taken from one’s place of residence or ‘permitted work place’. We may have to suspend POTM after this month if the shutdown looks like continuing much more that the initial 3 weeks.
SPOTM: it should be possible for this to continue but the same temporary rule re photos after 23rd March will need to apply so entrants will need to go through their photo libraries. I've looked at the calendar and I think the only subject that may need altering is the September one for 2020 airshows (hopefully we will be over this before then but who knows!

As stated previously any photos taken before 23rd of March can still be posted so hopefully we can keep the forum active with interesting photos from our collections - it's a very good time to use the 'Nostalgia' section!

We must all do our part, no matter how small it may be, in keeping the wider population safe. This is unprecedented times in our generation and we will be monitoring the situation and amending or adding temporary rules accordingly.
Please ensure that all posts comply with these requirements, the admin team have enough to do to keep themselves and families safe and well without having to continually monitor posts. thank you.

Sensible debate and questions on this post are welcomed but please do NOT (yes I'm almost shouting this) try to suggest or look for ways round the government rules, we have to do all we can to help keep the country safe - the sooner we can eradicate this virus, the sooner we can get back to our hobby.

Similar advice will be posted on our sister forum Fighter control very soon if it isn't already there.

Thanks for your co-operation, we hope you all keep safe and well

The admin team

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