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Private Flyer at Booker 14-5-2022

Post your airshow images here, military aircraft that attend civilian airshows can be posted as long as the bulk of the photos in the thread are of civilian participants.
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Private Flyer at Booker 14-5-2022

Post by LondonEye » Wed May 18, 2022 7:38 pm

A taste of the Private Flyer show at Wycombe Air Park.
They join with Elite for experiences such as driving sports cars on the runway, etc. Also PGA Golf were there, and a few classic cars.
Weather hot and sunny. Aircraft types similar to the September 2021 show, but new was an Italian helicopter type Zefhir.

ImageZefhir Helicopter I-E020 Booker

ImageQuest Kodiak D-FERD 1 Booker

ImageSonaca S200 G-FCNC Booker

ImageRobinson R-44 G-HYND 1 Booker

ImageRobinson R-66 G-PODD 1 Booker

ImageRoko Aero NG4 G-CGMV 1 Booker

ImageTecnam P2010 G-CMCG 1 Booker

ImageTecnam P2006 PH-JVZ 1 Booker

ImageSocata TBM-960 N940DV 1 Booker

ImageDiamond DA-50 G-DOGA 1 Booker

ImageDiamond DA-62 G-DPAI 1 Booker

ImageBeech G36 N76T 1 Booker

ImageCirrus SR22 N261MJ 1 Booker

ImageMaule MX-7 G-WAYY 1 Booker

ImageTLAC Sherwood Ranger G-WHAA 1 Booker

Fancy trading in your old car?

ImageLamborghini Booker

A few of the visitors.

ImageCirrus SR22 I-FELC 1 Booker

ImageSukhoi Su-29 G-SUUK Booker

ImageCirrus SR22 N774MW Booker

ImageDiamond DA-42 G-PCJS 1 Booker

Lastly – AIRBUS revealed their latest offering.

Green credentials – carbon neutral in operation. Single pilot , currently limited scope for passengers.
Version shown had a dedicated cargo area. Restricted to overland use only at present.
A two pilot version is being developed in tandem.

ImageAs350B G-OMCM 3 Booker

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Re: Private Flyer at Booker 14-5-2022

Post by andygolfer » Thu May 19, 2022 6:23 am

very nice Pete, very impressed with the Airbus / Airbike but there are some exceptional types there. I went to the Elite show a few years ago when it was at Biggin but my credit card limit would hardly have bought lunch! serious money about, it always very interesting to see what is on show

thanks for posting them
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