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Popham M/L Trade Fair 30-4-22

Post your airshow images here, military aircraft that attend civilian airshows can be posted as long as the bulk of the photos in the thread are of civilian participants.
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Popham M/L Trade Fair 30-4-22

Post by LondonEye » Tue May 10, 2022 3:26 pm

Warm with sunshine on the Saturday. A great turnout of visiting aircraft, nearer to 300.
The residents mostly hidden in those horrible green plastic hangars that seem to be getting common at other places.
Nothing spectacularly rare.
The common types now are Best Off Skyrangers, Evektor EV-97, Ikarus C42, Aerosport EuroFOX, Vans. Lesser common are Flight Design, Aeroprakt, Raj Hamsa, Reality, Pipistrel and TLAC Sherwood.
By it’s nature there were flexwings galore – Quik’s Quantum’s etc.
Finally, there is a gathering of Autogyros.
A good busy day. Here is a taste, pictures no particular order. (Loads on FlickR if you are a glutton).

ImageAeroprakt A-22 G-FJTH 1 Popham

ImageAeropro EuroFOX G-XFOX Popham

ImageBest Off skyranger G-CFNO Popham

ImageBristell NG5 G-CLUI Popham

ImageEvektor EV-97 G-IFLE 1 Popham

ImageIkarus C42 G-CJOT 2 Popham

ImageForney F-1A Aircoupe G-ARHB 4 Popham

ImageP&M Quik G-JHLE Popham

ImagePipistrel Virus PH-VSH Popham

ImageVans RV-4 G-RVNS Popham

ImageReality Escapade G-ECKB Popham

ImageRaj Hamsa X-Air F-79II F-JXEZ Popham

ImageStephens Pulse SSDR G-CJFS Popham

ImageAutogyro Calidus G-MARL Popham

ImageMagni M-16C G-VZED Popham

ImageTLAC Sherwood Ranger RFC A6906 G-CLNZ 1 Popham

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