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LAA Sywell 31-8-2019

Posted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 4:09 pm
by LondonEye
I went on Saturday, and the event was affected by the weather front crossing the UK. Broken cloud thickened during the morning, and just after 2.00 started raining. Also, there was a fair old wind blowing. So visiting aircraft well down, compared to previous years.
A few more restrictions this year on access. We already lost based hangarage last year because of usual idiots behaviour. This year, no access on main apron. Probably because of problems last year when an HA-1112 came to refuel, and the area was swarmed with folks looking or taking pics. The Air Leasing hangar (where you might see warbird restorations) had it's windows papered up.
So onto a taste of the rally. As my norm, what I regard as the rarer types of interest. Types on the picture tags.


ImageArrow Active G-ABVE Sywell

ImageDruine D53 Turbi G-APBO Sywell

ImageDruine D62C Condor G-ASRC Sywell

ImageK&S SA102.5 Cavalier G-AZHH Sywell

ImageCadet III Motor Glider G-BCYH Sywell

ImageEAA Biplane G-BPUA Sywell

ImageWittman W8 Tailwind G-BPYJ Sywell

ImageHatz CB-1 G-HATZ Sywell

ImageSequoia F8L Falco G-HCBW Sywell

ImagePercival Mew Gull Replica G-HEKL Sywell

ImageSteen Skybolt G-SBOL Sywell

One of my favourites this show. Latest by Ivan Shaw who designed the Europa and Liberty XL2.

ImageShaw ISA180 Seeker G-SEKR Sywell

ImageSuper Marine Spitfire RAF RB142 G-CEFC Sywell

ImageMH-1521M Broussard French AF 255 G-CIGH Sywell

ImagePA-18 Cub Italian Army MM52-2392 G-HELN Sywell

ImageHeliopolis Gomhouria G-TPWX Sywell

Still allowed to wear New Zealand reg -

ImageDH83 Fox Moth ZK-AGM G-CIPJ Sywell

ImageSkystar Kitfox OE-AMJ Sywell

ImageSafplanes Safari PH-JOO Sywell

ImageVans RV-6 F-PDXB Sywell

ImageVans RV-6 HB-YLL Sywell

First seen last year - this unusual delta to finish.

ImageVerhees Delta 2B F-PDHZ 1 Sywell

Re: LAA Sywell 31-8-2019

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:39 am
by mustang5861
That's a great selection of GA and quasi-military types - it reminds me of the wonderful variety of types seen at past PFA rallies, all without cordon-ropes around them. Sad to read about all the restrictions and 'off-limits' areas this year - a case
of the many being penalized for the actions of a mindless few. When will they learn?

Re: LAA Sywell 31-8-2019

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:54 am
by Mike
That's a nice set of shots, I used to love going to the PFA Rallies at Sywell in the 70s. :thumb:

Re: LAA Sywell 31-8-2019

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 4:24 pm
by Cessna954
Certainly a good variety of types and colour schemes.

The Shaw 180 is a new type to me.

I used to enjoy camping at the PFA Rally back in the day but times change.


Re: LAA Sywell 31-8-2019

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:57 pm
by waghorn41
I used to go to the PFA rallys. Popped over on the Friday thinking I'd have coffee and some cake in the Pilots Mess café - a public area - only to find it was closed off. They wanted £12 for a 3 day pass when I only wanted to go for a coffee. That sort of money is beyond me on my pension, the coffee and cake was going to be an extravagant treat. My fault as I should have checked as I knew the rally was on at the weekend :(

But then I remember the days when I used to cycle up to the tower and pop in for a chat with the Controller (a Mr Ashburner, former Spitfire pilot). He took me for my first flight in a light aircraft a Bolkow Junior.

Re: LAA Sywell 31-8-2019

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:12 pm
by LondonEye
Thanks everyone.
The first rally I went to was Cranfield in 1990. I drove through a gate, stopped and said to somebody "Where do I pay?". They replied "Just go in".
Don't know if the early one's were free, but I have paid ever since !
I enjoy the general freedom to wander, see the aircraft up close and ask pilots questions.
A rally certainly tests your light aircraft recognition and it's fun.