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Turweston Air-Britain Fly-in 19 June 2021

Post your airshow images here, military aircraft that attend civilian airshows can be posted as long as the bulk of the photos in the thread are of civilian participants.
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Turweston Air-Britain Fly-in 19 June 2021

Post by LondonEye » Tue Jun 22, 2021 6:36 pm

Some pictures from the Air-Britain Classic Fly-in at Turweston.

A big thank you to Phil Kemp and all the AB volunteers who make this happen.

Held in line with Covid guidelines, it was a welcome return towards some normality.
Weather was not kind, but still a reasonable number of visitors, and chance to check based aircraft.
I enjoyed my day.

First some visitors.

ImageFairchild 24W G-SEDC 1 Turweston

ImageYak 52 DOSAAF 33 G-YAKH Turweston (2)

ImageVans RV-9A G-RVLC Turweston

ImageCubCrafters Carbon Cub G-MACC Turweston

ImageDHC1 Chipmunk RAF WK577 G-BCYM Turweston

ImageScheibe SF-25C G-KLUB Turweston

ImageAuster Army XP241 G-CEHR Turweston

ImageAuster G-AOCU Turweston

ImageHurricane RAF R4118 G-HUPW 1 Turweston

ImageSupermarine Spitfire RAF MH526 G-CJWW Turweston

Owners of Isaacs types were invited.

ImageIsaacs Fury II G-BIYK 1 Turweston

ImageIsaacs Fury RAF K2050 G-ASCM Turweston

ImageIsaacs Fury RAF K2075 G-BEER Turweston

ImageIsaacs Spitfire RAF TZ164 G-ISAC Turweston

Then some based aircraft.
Lovely as usual, to see the Beagle Pup prototype.

ImageB121 Pup G-AVDF 1 Turweston

ImageCessna 150 G-ASZB Turweston

ImageCirrus SR22T 2-MCLN Turweston

ImageCirrus SR22 2-SKYZ Turweston

Finally, this was puzzling a few. Not a Rallye, but the Polish PZL-110 Koliber. A metal plate under tail revealed G-BZLC.

ImagePZL-110 G-BZLC Turweston

Thanks for looking.

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Re: Turweston Air-Britain Fly-in 19 June 2021

Post by Mike » Tue Jun 22, 2021 7:30 pm

A rather nice set of shots and thanks for sharing them, the last one threw me too and doesn't Pup 'VDF look great still? :thumb:

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Re: Turweston Air-Britain Fly-in 19 June 2021

Post by andygolfer » Tue Jun 22, 2021 7:39 pm

very nice Pete and seems you picked the right day to go.

you even got Phil the Fly-in director in the pic of 'BIYK, he doesn't get much rest on fly in days!

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Re: Turweston Air-Britain Fly-in 19 June 2021

Post by G-APDK » Thu Jun 24, 2021 11:27 am

You are right there, that was some among the circa 22500 steps done on Saturday. Much less on Sunday as it was unfortunately a wash-out.

Thanks for the pictures Pete, never manged a single photo all weekend.


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Re: Turweston Air-Britain Fly-in 19 June 2021

Post by LondonEye » Sat Jun 26, 2021 11:04 am

Thanks all.
Thought a few more might post some shots. Maybe weather put folk off.

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Re: Turweston Air-Britain Fly-in 19 June 2021

Post by condor » Sun Jul 11, 2021 9:23 pm

LE, thanks for some classics . One favorite caught my eye , as the reg. seemed a tad familiar .. Going to the Air Brit 'fotos virtually confimed it .
Diving , not into the attic , they've been promoted to spare room wardrobe.... to retrieve the stack of logbooks .
Into the first ..
Yes , August 1971 , GASZB . I flew her from Felthorpe a few times ; last in 1974 .. was laid off in '75 , so no spare dosh or time .
GINFO also gave more details that she'd been a Marshalls of Cambridge 'Boid until Spring '71 . I'd only just missed her , being a Marshall's 'Boi in July '71.
Only one of 4 Marshalls 150s from then is still going , G-ATMC . Still looking good and passing through Compton Abbas regularly , despite the dents I must have inflicted on her 50 years ago .

rgds condor .

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