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Threshold Aero events

Publicise,discuss and report on fly-ins that take place throughout the UK or abroad where there is no formal air display planned, this can include nightshoots. Also please submit logs of aircraft present (visitors and/or residents)
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Threshold Aero events

Post by andygolfer » Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:05 am

as you may know, Threshold.aero arrange photo nightshoots around the UK so this link to their website may be interesting: https://threshold.aero/events

their next event is at Spanhoe on 10th November with 14 (all civil registered) aircraft scheduled to attend: https://threshold.aero/event/spanhoe-ai ... otocall-ii - look good!

I e-mailed Paul of Threshold re posting the above links as this is an area we are keen to develop and he did say that if you wish to contact them the best ways are via their twitter account (@thresholdaero) or by facebook as they monitor those far more often than the various forums that have links etc (it's a time thing - I know exactly what they mean, how did I ever have time to work?)

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