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Old Warden Navy Day 03-07-2022, visitors log

Publicise,discuss and report on fly-ins that take place throughout the UK or abroad where there is no formal air display planned, this can include nightshoots. Also please submit logs of aircraft present (visitors and/or residents)
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Old Warden Navy Day 03-07-2022, visitors log

Post by andygolfer » Sat Jul 09, 2022 7:06 am

here's a log of all the visiting aircraft (non participants) from Old Warden last Sunday - taken from my photos of the day

G-AOJK Tiger Moth
G-ATTR Bolkow 208
G-AXLS Jodel D.1050
G-AYWM Glos Air-tourer
G-BBMO (WK514) DHC-1 Chipmunk
G-BCHL (WP788) DHC-1 Chipmunk
G-BJTP (M.M. 51-15302) Piper Cub
G-BMID Jodel D.120
G-BPVZ Luscombe Silvaire
G-BSED Tri Pacer
G-BSFD (16037) Piper Cub
G-BTUZ AA-5B tiger
G-CBAN (XX668) S.A. Bulldog
G-CHHI Vans RV-7
G-CHVY Ikarus C-42
G-CKSC Czech AW Sportcruiser
G-DINA AA-5B tiger
G-ERIW Staaken Z-21 Flitzer
G-EVMK DHC-2 Beaver
G-FIZZ PA-28 Warrior
G-FUUN Silence Twister
G-HFCF TB-20 Trinidad
G-OMPH Vans RV-7
G-YAKJ Yak 18
G-ZIRA Staaken Z-1RA Stummelflitzer

also these two which I believe are residents departed before the show and came back in the evening
G-BHVV (42-38384) Piper Cub (departed 11.19 local)
G-ACUS Leopard Moth (departed 11.41 local)

hope this is of use to somebody
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