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Flight for Tony

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Flight for Tony

Post by Sean Mac » Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:19 pm

Tony Radmilovich is our friend and our colleague. He's also a hell of a nice guy. He lives with his blind wife in a semi remote area of Oregon where he spends his days hand crafting wooden furniture and articles for PC PIlot and various well known sites around the world for the FS Community.

As is sometimes the way in life though, it's the good guy that gets all the problems. Tony found himself in desperate need of spinal surgery last year, a procedure that left him near paralyzed and bed ridden. The ordeal lead to him suffering not only a fall in hospital that damaged all the hard work that had been done to him, but also subjected him to a nasty infection which nearly killed him.

He's in the home straight now, having just gone through yet another surgery but the whole journey has left him crippled financially.

On the 19th January, journalists from PC Pilot, captains from some of the leading virtual airlines, and other well known faces from all over the FS community will come together for a marathon 24 hour series of flights to raise money to help Tony pay his medical bills and help provide him with the basic necessities of life.
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