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LOG: Gatwick 31/03/2024

Post your logs, movements and information for London Gatwick here.
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LOG: Gatwick 31/03/2024

Post by Orville » Sun Mar 31, 2024 8:58 pm

A gentle day chilling in the freezing wind

EC-MAI Airbus A.320-214SL 6045 Vueling Airlines (VLG9WK)
OE-IJQ Airbus A.320-214SL 5757 EasyJet Europe Airline (EJU18NT)
EC-MVD Airbus A.320-232SL 8111 Vueling Airlines (VLG8ET)
5N-BVE Boeing 777-21HER 29324-0171 Air Peace (APK7579)
B-32CA Airbus A.350-941 0572 Air China (CCA848)
G-DRTG Boeing 737-8BK/W 33020-2103 Jet2 (EXS2120)
SE-RPR Boeing 737-8JP/W 42081-5714 Norwegian Air Sweden (NSZ5TP)
ET-ATQ Airbus A.350-941 0040 Ethiopian Airlines (ETH719)
B-7883 Boeing 777-300ER 43284-1498 China Eastern Airlines (CES202)
EC-MVY Boeing 737-800/W 60590-7031 Air Europa (AEA84TR)
LN-NHA Boeing 737-8JP/W 41129-5069 Norwegian Air Shuttle (NOZ1335)
D-AIUL Airbus A.320-214SL 6521 Lufthansa (DLH1520)
EC-JFH Airbus A.320-214 2104 Iberia Express (IBS37RQ)
G-TAWU Boeing 737-8K5/W 37263-4875 TUI Airways (TOM4ED)
A6-EGO Boeing 777-31HER 35598-1000 Emirates Airline (UAE74W)
EC-NDC Airbus A.320-271N 8945 Vueling Airlines (VLG57HQ)
N4048J Airbus A.321-271NX 10446 JetBlue Airways (JBU44)
G-WUNA Airbus A.321-271NX 11591 Wizz Air UK (WUK9UV)
G-UZLW Airbus A.320-251N 11994 EasyJet UK (EZY74AP)
OK-TSF Boeing 737-8GJ/W 37360-2783 Smartwings Poland (TVS439P)
EC-LLJ Airbus A.320-214 4661 Vueling Airlines (VLG66XV)
C-GOJQ Airbus A.321-271NX 11389 Air Transat (TSC122)
9H-WAD Airbus A.321-271NX 11066 Wizz Air Malta (WMT7JE)
TC-LPA Airbus A.321-271NX 11464 THY-Turkish Airlines (THY17KC)
LN-NIB Boeing 737-86J/W 36879-3805 Norwegian Air Shuttle (NOZ17T)
CS-TNT Airbus A.320-214SL 4095 TAP-Air Portugal (TAP1328)
G-OGFC Aerospatiale-Alenia ATR.72-600 1595 Aurigny Air Services (AUR604A)
LN-ENR Boeing 737-800/W 42093-6746 Norwegian Air Shuttle (NOZ41S)
G-TUKV Boeing 737-8K5/W 35149-2820 TUI Airways (TOM7CT)
HB-JXD Airbus A.320-214 5150 EasyJet Switzerland (EZS48HR)
OE-LST Airbus A.320-251N 11975 EasyJet Europe Airline (EJU52ZR)
SE-RPT Boeing 737-8JP/W 42070-5583 Norwegian Air Sweden (NSZ4454)
9H-WNH Airbus A.321-271NX 11778 Wizz Air Malta (WMT6GZ)
G-POWK Airbus A.320-233 4701 Titan Airways (AWC922)
4K-AZ82 Boeing 767-32LER/W 41063-1030 Azerbaijan Airlines (AHY108)
EI-GJS Boeing 737-800/W 44836-6925 Ryanair (RYR60FJ)
EC-MHS Airbus A.321-231SL 6740 Vueling Airlines (VLG179P)
SE-RXC Boeing 737-86N/W 38033-3607 Norwegian Air Sweden (NSZ3512)
N2157J Airbus A.321-271NX 11397 JetBlue Airways (JBU1926)
TC-SOZ Boeing 737-8HX/W 29649-2515 SunExpress (SXS9YX)
CS-TXL Airbus A.321-251NX 11182 TAP-Air Portugal (TAP1335)
G-TUKO Boeing 737-8K5/W 37259-3673 TUI Airways (TOM9MH)
TF-FIV Boeing 757-208/W 30424-0956 Icelandair (ICE6H)
G-UZLX Airbus A.320-251N 11997 EasyJet UK (EZY46WY)
G-IACY Aerospatiale-Alenia ATR.72-600 1448 Eastern Airways (EZE53NL)
EC-MXP Airbus A.320-232SL 8244 Vueling Airlines (VLG54EK)
G-TAWZ Boeing 737-86N/W 32669-1895 TUI Airways (TOM1GH)
OE-IJO Airbus A.320-214 3922 EasyJet Europe Airline (EJU43HU)
EC-MHB Airbus A.321-231SL 6691 Vueling Airlines (VLG8946)
HB-JXJ Airbus A.320-214SL 7772 EasyJet Switzerland (EZS8490)
SX-GRA Airbus A.321-251N 8014 Sky Express Greece (SEH7WA)
G-TAWG Boeing 737-8K5/W 37266-3967 TUI Airways (TOM1JL)
A6-EUA Airbus A.380-861 0211 Emirates Airline (UAE7ER)
TC-LSO Airbus A.321-271NX 9095 THY-Turkish Airlines (THY3TK)
HZ-ARB Boeing 787-9 41545-0379 Saudi Arabian Airlines (SVA101)
EI-EVT Boeing 737-8AS/W 40315-4174 Ryanair (RYR66XZ)
SE-RRO Boeing 737-8JP/W 40868-3591 Norwegian Air Sweden (NSZ4EV)
G-WUKO Airbus A.321-271NX 10479 Wizz Air UK (WUK5461)
A7-BDC Boeing 787-8 38347-0420 Qatar Airways (QTR93M)
SE-RYC Boeing 737-8Max 63971-7168 Norwegian Air Sweden (NSZ5WU)
HB-AYM Airbus A.320-251N 9171 EasyJet Switzerland (EZS76RG)
OE-LQC Airbus A.319-111 3788 EasyJet Europe Airline (EJU8675)
OE-IZH Airbus A.320-214SL 6892 EasyJet Europe Airline (EJU83DK)
F-HSFN Cessna 560 Citation XLS+ 560-6300 Gestair Executive Jet SA (GES331N)
9H-WDU Airbus A.321-271NX 11580 Wizz Air Malta (WMT84)
HA-LXM Airbus A.321-231SL 7528 Wizz Air (WZZ1158)
EC-OCT Airbus A.321-231 5350 Privilege Style (TOM2LV)
G-UZMF Airbus A.321-251NX 8508 EasyJet UK (EZY31EJ)
EC-MNZ Airbus A.320-232SL 7351 Vueling Airlines (VLG807T)
G-WUKR Airbus A.321-271NX 10871 Wizz Air UK (WUK987)
G-UZHK Airbus A.320-251N 8356 EasyJet UK (EZY76FQ)
OE-ICI Airbus A.320-214SL 6918 EasyJet Europe Airline (EJU18CB)
LN-DYY Boeing 737-8JP/W 39012-3982 Norwegian Air Shuttle (NOZ36C)
EC-NCU Airbus A.320-271N 8885 Vueling Airlines (VLG6307)
TC-LSF Airbus A.321-271NX 8740 THY-Turkish Airlines (THY3XJ)
OE-LQF Airbus A.319-111 3844 EasyJet Europe Airline (EJU48WM)
OE-IZG Airbus A.320-214SL 6856 EasyJet Europe Airline (EJU34HL)
G-UZMB Airbus A.321-251NX 8369 EasyJet UK (EZY43DK)
EC-MQB Airbus A.321-231SL 7599 Vueling Airlines (VLG49HR)
G-WUKX Airbus A.321-271NX 11615 Wizz Air UK (WUK3W)
G-UZMG Airbus A.321-251NX 9204 EasyJet UK (EZY68DR)
CN-RGW Boeing 737-800/W 41350-6238 Royal Air Maroc (RAM802)
LN-ENT Boeing 737-800/W 42282-6461 Norwegian Air Shuttle (NOZ1312)
G-UZLV Airbus A.320-251N 11617 EasyJet UK (EZY61ML)
OE-LKC Airbus A.319-111 4056 EasyJet Europe Airline (EJU8546)
HB-JXQ Airbus A.320-214SL 8263 EasyJet Switzerland (EZS89RA)
G-UZMH Airbus A.321-251NX 9214 EasyJet UK (EZY32ZR)
TC-LSM Airbus A.321-271NX 9044 THY-Turkish Airlines (THY5GZ)

In car park on industrial estate at Lowfield Heath

C-FFIM Corsair Scale Replica c/n 395 built by Robert A Baxter 1989

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