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June 2024 movements

Post your logs, movements and information for Inverness here.
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June 2024 movements

Post by Mike » Mon Jul 01, 2024 7:34 am

Scheduled flights not included unless they are of any interest.

n/s = night-stopped and departed next day

Based Coastguard AW189's noted active during June were :-

G-MCGO :- 01-08, 10-11, 13-14, 17-18
G-MCGM :- 08-11, 15-23, 25-30

G-SASC B200 from ABZ at 08.18, dep at 08.52 to EDI
G-NJAE F2TH dep at 09.35 to EDI
G-ACET DH84 dep appx 11.00 to KOI
G-FHFX E550 from FAB at 11.57, dep at 15.23 to Nice
G-NJAA C56X from DND at 11.52, dep at 14.23 to LTN
G-ACET DH84 from KOI appx 15.00
G-KMTE SR22 from LSI at 17.34, dep at 18.10 to BLK

G-NJAC C56X from EDI at 14.25, dep at 15.57 to FAB
LX-VGF PC24 dep at 15.52 to Antwerp (arr 31/05)
G-NJAE F2TH from DND at 15.59, dep at 18.09 to BQH
G-FITC PC12 from STN at 21.03 n/s

G-VALK B200 dep at 06.48 to BQH (arr 31/05)
G-FITC PC12 dep at 08.21 to Elstree
M-MCBE C25M f&t OXF, arr at 10.53, dep at 16.43
M-SAIL PC12 from JER at 10.58 (dep 05/06)
2-TRVL CL60 from JER at 15.09, dep at 16.01 to LPL

F-GTVC B190 from Lorient at 13.36, dep at 14.32 to Cork
G-MCGM A189 from EDI at 15.55

G-SASC B200 from ABZ at 10.17, dep at 12.20 to GLA
N392MA PA46 f&t Denham, arr at 11.27, dep at 15.26
N609PC C182 from Le Touquet at 17.36, dep at 18.21 to Newhall Mains
M-SAIL PC12 dep at 17.46 to JER (arr 03/06)
N188AS FA7X from Philadelphia at 21.34 (dep 10/06)

G-NJAA C56X from FAB at 11.20, dep at 12.30 to BQH
G-LUSO PC12 from Campbeltown at 12.34, dep at 13.26 to NCL
G-NJAC C56X from LTN at 12.52, dep at 14.31 to DND
G-SASC B200 from SYY at 13.59, dep at 14.58 to ABZ
N660FX GLF6 from Teterboro, NJ at 18.16 (dep 08/06)

G-NJAE F2TH from STN at 09.50, dep at 10.50 to FAB
F-GTVC B190 f&t Lorient, arr at 10.02, dep at 11.00
N248LX F900 from EDI at 10.36 n/s
G-REXA B200 from FAB at 11.12 (dep 09/06)
N392MA PA46 from Kerry at 15.49 (dep 09/06)
EC-MUB B738 AlbaStar from Madrid at 19.58, dep at 21.03 to Palma

N900BT C25C from Le Bourget at 10.37 (dep 10/06)
N248LX F900 dep at 12.02 to Hanscom Field, MA
N660FX GLF6 dep at 13.12 to JER (arr 06/06)
D-CAAE LJ45 from Amsterdam at 14.07, dep at 15.51 to Antwerp
D-CUGF C25B from Genoa at 17.44 n/s
F-HMED H25C from Athens at 17.47, dep at 19.28 to Bordeaux

D-CUGF C25B dep at 12.32 to Budapest
G-NJAC C56X from FAB at 13.16, dep at 14.58 to LTN
N392MA PA46 dep at 13.51 to Kerry (arr 07/06)
G-NJAE F2TH from NHT at 14.52, dep at 18.01 to STN
G-FTFX E550 from FAB at 15.24, dep at 17.12 to EDI
G-REXA B200 dep at 17.15 to BQH (arr 07/06)
N715GB GLF4 from Hanscom Field, MA at 18.59 (dep 14/06)
G-FTFX E550 from EDI at 19.17 n/s

G-USHA LJ75 f&t BQH, arr at 09.46, dep at 19.22
N188AS FA7X dep at 10.44 to DND (arr 05/06)
D-ISIS C25M from Oberpfaffenhofen at 10.50 (dep 12/06)
G-FTFX E550 dep at 11.19 to FAB
G-ZABH F900 'RRR1913' f&t NHT, arr at 14.36, dep at 17.17
OE-GSX C25C from Prague at 15.11
ZM333 E50P 'CWL35' from Cranwell at 16.53 (dep 12/06)
ZM335 E50P 'CWL56' from Cranwell at 16.57 (dep 12/06)
N900BT C25C dep at 17.21 to Le Bourget (arr 08/06)

CS-PHV E55P from Stockholm-Bromma at 08.30, dep at 11.19 to Basel
M-SKTO H160 f&t LPL, arr at 10.34, dep at 13.29
G-PFLY SR22 f&t Carlisle, arr at 13.10, dep at 16.00

ZM333 E50P 'CWL35' dep at 08.58 to Cranwell (arr 10/06)
ZM335 E50P 'CWL56' dep at 09.14 to Cranwell (arr 10/06)
G-UZLR A20N EZY f&t LTN *1st visit*
N616AF G550 from STN at 11.32 (dep 15/06)
D-ISIS C25M dep at 17.05 to Oberpfaffenhofen (arr 10/06)
G-MDSE PC12 from Islay appx 18.30 n/s

G-SOVH C525 from EDI at 09.11, dep at 15.02 to FAB
G-GBAS DA62 from LSI appx 10.15, calibrated navaids, dep appx 10.35 to Tollerton
OO-MCW F2TH from Kortrijk at 12.31, dep at 14.25 to Oberpfaffenhofen
G-MDSE PC12 dep at 14.06 to BQH
SP-ENR B738 ENT from LGW at 14.41, dep at 15.29 to Munich
N365BL F900 from Teterboro, NJ at 20.38 (dep 20/06)

G-NJAC C56X from LTN at 08.41, dep at 10.00 to OXF
N715GB GLF4 dep at 09.00 to Hanscom Field, MA (arr 09/06)
EC-NLK B738 AlbaStar f&t Palma, arr at 09.32, dep at 11.00
SE-DJI FA7X from OXF at 09.44, dep at 10.26 to Stockholm
T7-VRF HDJT from Cranfield at 11.40, dep at 12.31 to Prague
F-GLNK B190 from Cork at 13.01, dep at 13.46 to Lorient
9H-VCL CL35 from FAB at 16.56 n/s

9H-VCL CL35 dep at 09.39 to Alesund
N616AF G550 dep at 10.22 to ABZ (arr 12/06)
G-UZLV A20N EZY f&t LTN *1st visit*
D-IREP B200 from Lahr at 12.39 (dep 17/06)
CS-DXT C56X from Kortrijk at 13.37, dep at 16.21 to Stockholm

N2PG GLF6 from Cincinnati, OH at 10.35 n/s
D-CITA LJ60 from Burgas at 14.45 n/s
M-SEAO C750 from BEB at 15.15, dep at 15.43 to NWI
SP-MDD C25B from Milan at 15.53, dep at 17.15 to Perugia
G-NJAC C56X from OXF at 17.13, dep at 18.50 to LTN
OH-TFC E550 from Bergen at 17.20 n/s

G-RRPJ CL35 from BHX at 09.21, dep at 10.23 to FAB
F-HGRI C25M f&t Lorient, arr at 10.49, dep at 11.44
G-NJAF F2TH from STN at 10.54, dep at 13.06 to NHT
D-CITA LJ60 dep at 12.13 to Nuremberg
HA-LUA BE40 from Enschede at 13.20, dep at 15.00 to Giebelstadt
SE-DJI FA7X from Stockholm at 14.46, dep at 17.09 to OXF
OO-MCW F2TH from Dusseldorf at 15.01, dep at 16.17 to Kortrijk
D-IREP B200 dep at 15.24 to Lahr (arr 15/06)
OH-TFC E550 dep at 15.31 to Helsinki
N808LV GLF6 from FAB at 16.31 (dep 20/06)
N2PG GLF6 dep at 18.13 to Geneva

G-ERGP PC12 from Fairoaks at 12.01 (dep 21/06)
G-SASC B200 from BEB at 13.20, dep at 16.06 to SYY
G-MCGI S92 f&t SYY, arr at 13.30, dep at 15.45
G-NJAA C56X from BRS at 18.27 n/s

D-IMPC C525 f&t Hamburg, arr at 09.08, dep at 13.50
G-NJAA C56X dep at 09.14 to BLK
PH-NXF E295 KLM f&t Amsterdam
G-SASD B200 from SYY at 17.17, dep at 18.15 to ABZ

N599GJ F2TH from Washington Dulles at 08.06 (dep 23/06)
N711WM GLEX from Kerry at 12.25 (dep 22/06)
N365BL F900 dep at 12.43 to FAB (arr 13/06)
PH-NXF E295 KLM f&t Amsterdam
G-LEGC E35L from LTN at 14.08, dep at 15.55 to
G-SASC B200 from SYY at 14.31, dep at 17.15 to GLA
N42EE CL60 from Prague at 15.07 n/s
CS-DXP C56X from NHT at 15.27, dep at 17.05 to Kortrijk
N365BL F900 from FAB at 16.51 (dep 24/06)
N808LV GLF6 dep at 18.50 to EDI (arr 17/06)

N662FX GLF6 from Houston, TX at 09.51
OE-HPL E550 from Cannes at 10.16, dep at 14.24 to EMA
N42EE CL60 dep at 11.06 to the Atlantic
EC-NGC B738 AlbaStar f&t Palma, arr at 11.11, dep at 12.31
G-BBDE PA28 from Cumbernauld at 12.45 (dep 25/06)
PH-NXS E295 KLM f&t Amsterdam *1st visit*
N2PD TBM7 from Stavanger at 14.31, dep at 15.40 to Bembridge
G-NJAF F2TH from DND at 15.14, dep at 17.38 to FAB
G-ERGP PC12 dep at 16.16 to Fairoaks (arr 18/06)
F-HHCC PA46 from Le Touquet at 18.45, dep details not known

T7-VRF HDJT f&t Cranfield, arr at 12.34, dep at 13.24
N711WM GLEX dep at 14.29 to Kerry (arr 20/06)
G-NJAF F2TH from FAB at 16.08, dep at 17.32 to STN

N599GJ F2TH dep at 10.08 to EDI (arr 20/06)
M-YBLS PC12 from Perth at 11.17, dep at 13.10 to Islay
N15N GA5C from FAB at 13.41
G-JSNS G280 from JER at 14.20, dep at 15.10 to MME
G-NJAC C56X from BQH at 16.40, dep at 17.54 to LTN
F-HLRS E55P from GCI at 19.02 n/s
OE-HPL E550 from EMA at 19.16 n/s

F-GTKJ B190 from Lorient at 11.21, dep at 12.23 to Cork
G-SASC B200 f&t GLA, arr at 12.11, dep at 14.31
F-HLRS E55P dep at 12.39 to Bergerac
N365BL F900 dep at 13.29 to the Atlantic (arr 20/06)
OE-HPL E550 dep at 14.25 to Le Bourget
D-GMVF B95 arrival details not known
SP-ESD B738 ENT from Stuttgart at 19.05, dep at 19.42 to Katowice

G-BBDE PA28 dep at 09.47 to Enstone (arr 21/06)
M-NGSN PC12 from Floro at 10.01, dep at 15.50 to Fairoaks
G-NJAB C56X from LPL at 10.26, dep at 11.42 to NCL
N907TF GL7T from DND at 10.31, dep at 20.36 to PIK
G-SCMR PA31 from HUY appx 11.45
PH-NXR E295 KLM f&t Amsterdam *1st visit*

F-GTKJ B190 f&t Lorient, arr at 10.01, dep at 10.55
G-UXLA LJ40 f&t BQH, arr at 16.53, dep at 17.42

G-IRJE DA62 f&t NCL, arr at 09.30, dep at 10.39
G-SASC B200 from GLA at 11.17, dep at 11.52 to SYY
N999AH GLF4 from EDI at 12.43 (dep 30/06)
F-JTMO MXP-740 Savannah floatplane arr from the South n/s
HB-PMN PA18 floatplane arr from the South n/s
N996GA GLF5 from Portland, OR at 19.53
D-CGBR LJ55 from Nimes at 20.17 n/s

OE-LTF GLF6 f&t Katowice, arr at 10.02, dep at 13.06
EC-NLK B738 AlbaStar f&t Palma, arr at 10.13, dep at 11.37
N81CB C510 from Campbeltown at 10.33 (dep 30/06)
D-CGBR LJ55 dep at 11.01 to Hamburg
SP-RDW DA40 from Newhall Mains at 11.25, dep at 12.37 to Strubby
HB-PMN PA18 floatplane dep at 12.01 to ?
F-JTMO MXP-740 floatplane dep at 12.07 to ?
165316 C130 'CNV3190' f&t Keflavik, arr at 14.55, dep at 16.00
G-SASD B200 from SYY at 16.49, dep at 17.47 to ABZ

N121QS GL5T from Stewart IAP, NY at 07.47 n/s
G-ERGP PC12 from Fairoaks at 08.53, dep at 09.37 to JER
2-ZENP E55P from FAB at 10.50, dep at 12.00 to NHT
F-GUXL DR400 from DND at 11.03, dep at 12.40 to Oban
SP-ATT BE40 from Oporto at 11.15, dep at 12.14 to BRS
F-GYDD DR400 from DND at 11.19, dep at 12.54 to Oban
F-GSBM DR400 from DND at 11.**, dep appx 12.50 to Oban?
F-GRIP DR400 from DND at 11.29, dep at 12.58 to Oban
F-GOVX DR400 from DND at 11.32, dep at 12.43, arr at 13.24, dep at 14.00 to Oban
F-HUAL PA28 from DND at ?, dep at ? to the SW
G-ECJM PA28 from LBA at 13.31 n/s
N553PK C56X from Keflavik at 14.14
9H-VFA CL60 from Athens at 14.53, dep at 16.20 to FAB
G-REXA B200 from BLK at 16.48, dep at 17.45 to BOH
D-AJHW E190 German AW (leased to KLM) f&t Amsterdam

N121QS GL5T dep at 06.52 to Keflavik
N999AH GLF4 dep 10.32 to Madrid (arr 27/06)
EJ-PRLN C56X from FAB at 11.36
G-ECJM PA28 dep at 11.50 to Oban
G-NJAC C56X from Geneva at 14.27, dep at 15.21 to BQH
N81CB C510 dep at 16.06 to Stuttgart (arr 28/06)
G-JADN PC12 from OXF at 18.14, dep at 18.57 to BQH
D-CHAT C25B from Stuttgart at 22.24 n/s

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