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New noise restrictions at FAB

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New noise restrictions at FAB

Post by Martin » Sat May 07, 2011 12:24 pm

The following statement has recently been released by TAG, looks like Luton may be picking up a few more movements of the non compliant aircraft
Please see below information regarding operating criteria at TAG
Farnborough Airport. Following approval of the planning application for
an increase in annual permitted movements, it is now appropriate to
advise you of information regarding new, legally binding noise
limitations for aircraft operating at TAG Farnborough Airport.

Currently, only aircraft types that are complaint with ICAO Chapter 3
criteria and above are permitted to operate. In accordance with the
Airport Master Plan published in April 2009 and as a condition imposed
to allow the increase in movements, noise restrictions at TAG
Farnborough will be tightened to allow only those jet aircraft meeting
ICAO Chapter 4 criteria from January 1st 2013, with the exception of
flying associated with the Farnborough International Airshow.

This does not mean they must hold a Chapter 4 noise certificate as only
aircraft designed after 2006 may have this; however they must comply
with Chapter 4 noise criteria.

Examples of types that currently operate at the airport which will NOT
be permitted after January 1st 2013 are:

Cessna 560 Citation V, Dassault Falcon 20, Dassault Falcon 50,
Gulfstream 3, Hawker 125-600A, Hawker 125-700A and Hawker Beechjet 400
depending on the individual engine type fitted to each aircraft.

Propeller driven aircraft with a MTOW of less than 8618kgs are exempt
from this restriction.

Further information regarding criteria can be found at
_EASA - Noise_
<http://www.easa.europa.eu/certification ... /noise.php>

We are currently collating data on all aircraft that use the airport.
You will soon receive a request for noise certification information
which, once verified as compliant, will allow future handling requests
for specific aircraft to be accepted. If no noise certification
information is received, or the aircraft is non-compliant, then handling
requests post January 1st 2013 will be declined.

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