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Static Show Log ( FAB )

Post your logs, movements and information for Farnborough here.
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Headset 57

Static Show Log ( FAB )

Post by Headset 57 » Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:06 am

http://www.farnboroughspotters.com/showlist10.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


The 2010 SBAC organised airshow will held 19-25 July 2010 at Farnborough.This page has been updated from Monday 19th when I visited the show. A list of expected aircraft can be found on the official site http://www.farnborough.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
a map of the static can be found at http://www.flightglobal.com/air-shows/f ... gh/static/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; .

Those in red have departed but will return later for the show.But beware that diffrent aircraft from those that valadated below may turn up for the show!
List correct to 16:00 Monday 19th July
trade aircraft

10-113 JF-17 Thunder Pakistan Air Force
10-114 JF-17 Thunder Pakistan Air Force
067 CASA CN295M S-067? Chilean Navy unit VP-1 067 it may have the serial 502 underneath
C-FMJO Viking Air DHC6-400 845 Viking Air to be HB-LUX
C-FPHS Boeing 737-500 24970
C-FTNB Bell 429 57002 Bell
C-GCKV DHC8-Q402 4302 Air Baltic
D-CFME Beech 350 FL-627 FCS Calibration
EC-402 Airbus A400M 002 Airbus Military
EI-MJC Cessna 525B 525B-0266 Cessna
F-HCLS Dassault Falcon 7X 71 Dassault
F-WWDD Airbus A380-861 004 Airbus
F-WWEY ATR-72-600 098 ATR
F-WWKG Airbus A330-243F 1032 Etihad Cargo A6-DCA
G-BRFM Piper PA-28 28-7916279
G-CHEZ BN2 Islander 2234 Britten Norman
G-CVXN Cessna F406 F406-0064 Caledonian Airbourne Systems
G-DOSC Diamond DA42-MPP 42M-001 RAF
G-FIKI Cirrus SR-22 3415
G-NFLA BAe31 637 Cranfield University
G-ORED BN2T Islander 2142 Britten Norman
G-OZIO Aquila A210 AT01-099
G-POLA Eurocopter EC135 877 Police Hall 4 EADS stand
G-TVCO Gippsland Airvan GA-08-101
ZE503 Grob 103 Viking RAF VG J-row challets
ZH121 Grob 109 Vigilant 6514 RAF TG
ZH268 Grob 109 Vigilant 6598 RAF SA static J-row challets
ZJ230 Westland Apache AH1 WAH64 AAC
ZJ691 Bombardier Sentinel R1 9123 RAF flypast 19th
ZJ700 Eurofighter Typhoon PS002 BAE Systems
ZJ916 Eurofighter Typhoon BS007 RAF 3sqn
ZK031 BAE Hawk T2 RT-022 RAF
ZZ401 Westland Lynx Wildcat 463 Agusta-westland
HB-FNI Pilatis PC-6 964 Pilatus
HB-FVH Pilatus PC-12 1180 Pilatus
HB-HZC Pilatus PC-21 101 Pilatus
I-ARIH Agusta 109 Grand
I-AWRH Agusta AW139 31133 Agusta ops from heliport
I-RAIH Agusta 109S by road
I-RAIQ Agusta AW139 Agusta
CSX616 Macchi M346 6963/002 Aermacchi
CSX619 Macchi M311 201 Aermacchi
CSX62127 Aelina C-27J 4033 Aelina flying
CSX7275 Eurofighter Typhoon IS007 Italian Air Force 36-11
MM62218 Aelina C-27J 4130 Italian Air Force 46-82 static
MM81741 Agusta Aw139 31300? Italian Coast Guard 11-01 300th AW139
N7SJ Swearingen SJ30 007
N30LX Gulfstream III 438 Lockheed Martin
N70EU Beech 350 FL-700 Beech
N94S Beech U-21H LU-5 Dynamic Aviation
N151EX Dassault Falcon 2000EX 151 Dassault
N108TT Cessna 400 411159 Cessna
N120HH Bell 407 53661 Bell
N188AM BN2T Islander 2302 Britten Norman
N208AE Cessna 208 208-2164 Cessna
N221AG Grumman Goose 1240 McKinnon conversion
N281CJ Cirrus VLJ mockup Cirrus
N301DN Cessna 510 51-0301 CESSNA-TERR
N356BJ Boeing 737-7ES Wedgetail 33962 Boeing for Turkish Air Force 06-001
N340GF B0mbardier BD700 9340
N610AT Rayethon T-6 Texan II AT-1
N787BX Boeing 787 40692/ZA003 Boeing
N812FS Pilatus PC-12 1077 FLIR Systems
N890EU Beech C90GTI LJ-1978 Beech
N3000B Raytheon AT6 PH-1
N3197H Hawker Horizon RC-37 Beech-Hawker
N4247U Air Tractor AT-802 4001
N5234J Cessna T206H T206-08910 Cessna-TERR
61-0002 Boeing B-52H 464429 USAF flyby only
61-0039 Boeing B-52H 464466 USAF flyby only
89-2023 GD F-16C 1C-173 USAF 31FW AV flying
89-2035 GD F-16C 1C-188 USAF 31FW AV static
91-0314 McD F-15E 1221 USAF 48FW LN
06-4108 Lockheed F-22 USAF displayed 19/7
07-7179 McD C-17A P-179 USAF 349 AMW/60AMW
07-8614 Lockheed C-130J 5625 USAF 86AW/RS
166563 Sikorsky SH-60 US Navy HSM-400 OOO/HK
166923 McD F/A-18F US Navy flying
166924 McD F/A-18F US Navy static
167802 Bell UH-1Y 55110 US marines coded VT-09
OE-FAT Tecnam P.2006 016
OE-FFM Diamond DA42-MPP NG 42.MN003
OE-FMF Diamond DA42-MPP NG 42.MN002
OE-VFT Diamond DA42-NG 42-379
OE-IND Bombardier CL605 5797 Vistajet
OO-EBE Cessna 560XLS 560-6025 Cessna
M-516 Westland Merlin MK512 50223 Royal danish Air Force
97005 Sukhoi Superjet 100 95005 Sukhoi
39-7 SAAB Gripen NG 39-7 Swedish AF
UR-NTN Antonov An-158 01-01 Antonov
NZ3403 Agusta 109LUH RNZAF by road also marked CSX81738
NAF931 ATR42-500MP 800 Nigerian Air Force
????? Macchi M346 by road, mock up?
non trade aircraft
G-BDWJ RAF SE5A replica PFA 020-10034 Greatwar Display team F8010
G-BNPV Bowers Fly Baby PFA 016-11120 Great war Display Team Junkers J1 mock up 1801/18
G-BUYU Bowers Fly Baby PFA 016-12222 Great war Display Team Junkers J1 mock up 1803/18
G-BWMJ Nieuport Scout replica PFA 121-12351 Great war Display Team N1977
G-BZND Sopwith Pup replica PFA 101-11815 Great War Display Team N5199
G-CCBN RAF SE5A replica 077246 Great War Display Team 80105/PH-WWI
G-CDXR Fokker DR1 Replica PFA 238-14043 Great War Display Team 403/17
G-HUPW Hawker Hurricane 1 41H/G5/92301 Peter Vacher R4118
G-IIHI Extra EA300SC SC008 Mark Jeffries
G-KASX Supermarine Seafire XVII FLWA25488 FAA Historic Flight
G-OFFO Extra EA300 1226 Blades
G-PBYA Consolidated Catalina CV-283
G-VLCN Avro Vulcan B2 XH558
G-ZEXL Extra EA300 1225 Blades
G-ZXCL Extra EA300 1223 Blades
G-ZEXL Extra EA300 1224 Blades
WV908 Hawker Seahawk FGA6 FAA Historic Flight
XX263 BAE Hawk T1 099/312099 RAF
ZK453 Beech 200 BB-1833 RAF

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