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LOG:EDI 6/10/16 0725-1830

Post your logs, movements and information for Edinburgh here.
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LOG:EDI 6/10/16 0725-1830

Post by Mike s » Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:21 pm

* denotes a new airframe spotted
Reg'n Aircraft Type C/No. Operator Notes

A6-EYL Airbus A330 243 809 Etihad Airways Dep as "Etihad 81P" to AUH
A7-BCB Boeing 787 8 38320 Qatar Airways Arr as "Qatari 029" dep "Qatari 030" f/t DOH
A7-BFD Boeing 777 FDZ 41427 Qatar Airways Over flight flt no QTR8102 ORD-AMS
*C-GHPT Boeing 787 8 35258 Air Canada Over flight flt no ACA882 YYZ-CPH
CS-TLZ Boeing 767 375ERF 24086 Star Air
* D-AEWG Airbus A320 214SL 7121 Eurowings Arr as "Eurowings 4842" from DUS
D-AGWD Airbus A319 132 3011 Germanwings Arr as "Germanwings 8KP" Dep "Germanwings 4 PE" f/t C GN
D-AIRK Airbus A321 131 502 Lufthansa Arr as "Lufthansa 8KX" Dep "Lufthansa 963" f /t FRA
D-AIZZ Airbus A320 214SL 5831 Lufthansa
EC-LKG Airbus A320 214 1047 Iberia Express Dep as "Iber express 36MU" to MAD
EC-LOP Airbus A320 214 4937 Vueling Airlines Arr as "Vueling 3620" dep "Vueling 3621" f/t FCO
EC-LQN Airbus A320 232 2168 Vueling Airlines Arr as "Vueling 1380" dep "Vueling 1381" f/t ALC
EC-LRE Airbus A320 232 1914 Vueling Airlines Arr as "Vueling 7815" deo "Vueling 7816" f/t BCN
*EC-MHA Airbus A321 231SL 6684 Vueling Airlines Arr as "Vueling 9344" dep "Vueling 9345" f/t ORY
EC-MID AVRO 146 300QT E3168 ASL Airlines Spain
EI-DWT Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 33626 Ryanair
EI-DYN Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 36576 Ryanair Arr as "Ryanair 6241" from NRN
EI-EBF Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 37524 Ryanair Arr as "Ryanair 52NV" from DUB
EI-EBI Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 37527 Ryanair
EI-EFG Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 35014 Ryanair dep as "Ryanair 73QJ" arr "Ryanair 89ZR" t/f PMI
EI-EFI Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 35013 Ryanair Arr as "Ryanair 67CH" from MLA
EI-EMA Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 35032 Ryanair Arr as "Ryanair 28KW" from STN
EI-ENS Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 40307 Ryanair Arr as "Ryanair 66QL" from PSA
EI-FAV ATR 72 600 1105 Aer Lingus Regional Dep as "Stobart 53ED" to DUB
EI-FAX ATR 72 600 1129 Aer Lingus Regional Arr as "Stobart 5ED" from DUB
EI-FCY ATR 72 600 1139 Aer Lingus Regional Arr as "Stobart 54YA" from DUB
EI-FCZ ATR 72 600 1159 Aer Lingus Regional Arr as "Stobart 56ED" from DUB
EI-FIC Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 44693 Ryanair
*EI-FJW Boeing 737 NG 8JP/W 42286 Norwegian Air International Over flight flt no IBK5880 LPA-EVE
*EI-FNA ATR 72 600 1325 Aer Lingus Regional Arr as Stobart 86YM/3572 dep Stobart 3675/85 Y
EI-FOH Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 44717 Ryanair Arr as "Ryanair 94DG" from BCN
*EI-FOV Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W 44725 Ryanair
F-HBLC Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000080 HOP dep as "Air france 1687" to CDG
F-HBLG Embraer EMB-190 STD 19000254 HOP Arr as "Air france 1486" from CDG
G-BYHG Dornier Do 328 110 3098 Loganair Arr as "Logan 35BC" from NWI
G-BZRS Eurocopter EC135 T2+ 0166 National Police Air Service Over flight
G-CELO Boeing 737 33AQC 24028 Jet2 Dep as "Channex 6J" to BUD
G-CELY Boeing 737 377QC 23662 Jet2
G-DHKB Boeing 757 256PCF/W 29312 DHL Air
G-ECOA DHC-8 402 4180 Flybe
G-EUOE Airbus A319 131 1574 British Airways Arr as "Shuttle 16B" dep "Shuttle 17Q" f/t L GW
G-EUPP Airbus A319 131 1295 British Airways Arr as "Shuttle 8W" from LHR
G-EUPW Airbus A319 131 1440 British Airways f/t LHR
G-EUUH Airbus A320 232 1665 British Airways Arr as "Shuttle 8A" from LHR
G-EUUJ Airbus A320 232 1883 British Airways Arr as "Shuttle 8R" dep "Shuttle 9N" f/t LH R
G-EUYJ Airbus A320 232 4464 British Airways Dep as "Shuttle 9V" to LHR
G-EUYK Airbus A320 232 4551 British Airways Arr as "Shuttle 8B" from LHR
G-EUYM Airbus A320 232 4791 British Airways Arr as "Shuttle 8R" from LHR
G-EZAJ Airbus A319 111 2742 easyJet Airline Arr as "Easy 82KG" from LGW
G-EZBL Airbus A319 111 3053 easyJet Airline Arr as "Easy 6936" from VIE
G-EZBT Airbus A319 111 3090 easyJet Airline Arr as "Easy 12JC" from AMS
G-EZDE Airbus A319 111 3426 easyJet Airline Arr as "Easy 45ZT" From STR
G-EZFX Airbus A319 111 4385 easyJet Airline Arr as "Easy 31HY" from CPH
G-EZIS Airbus A319 111 2528 easyJet Airline Arr as "Easy 34BM" from STN
G-EZOE Airbus A320 214SL 6509 easyJet Airline
G-EZOH Airbus A320 214SL 6546 easyJet Airline Arr from BRS
G-EZOK Airbus A320 214SL 6568 easyJet Airline Dep as "Easy 71YX" to BRS
G-EZOZ Airbus A320 214SL 6918 easyJet Airline Arr as "Easy 43RD" from SXF
G-EZPC Airbus A320 214SL 6981 easyJet Airline Arr as "Easy 92JV" from LTN
G-EZPH Airbus A320 214SL 7093 easyJet Airline Arr as "Easy 6982" from LIS
G-EZTI Airbus A320 214 3975 easyJet Airline
G-FBEL Embraer EMB-195 LR 19000184 Flybe Dep as "Jersey 9PX" to CWL
G-FDZY Boeing 737 NG 8K5/W 37261 Thomson Airways
G-FLBD DHC-8 402 4259 Flybe Arr as "Jersey 9BP" from BHX
*G-GATU Airbus A320 232 3089 British Airways Arr as "Shuttle 16D" dep "Shuttle 17D" f/t L GW
G-GDFT Boeing 737 36Q/W 29141 Jet2 Arr as "Channex 18GP" dep "Channex 775" f/t PMI/ALC
*G-HMEI Dassault Falcon 900 B 1 Finesse Executive Parked at block 33
G-JECP DHC-8 402 4136 Flybe Arr as "Jersey 5CF" from SOU
G-JECR DHC-8 402 4139 Flybe
G-JEDU DHC-8 402 4089 Flybe
G-JEDV DHC-8 402 4090 Flybe
G-JEDW DHC-8 402 4093 Flybe arr as "Jersey 52PG"
G-JMCP Boeing 737 3T0F 23578 Atlantic Airlines
G-JZHB Boeing 737 NG 8K5/W 28623 Jet2 Dep as "Channex 7CE" to ACE
G-JZHC Boeing 737 NG 8K5/W 30593 Jet2 arr as "Channex 8CH" from FAO
G-LCYD Embraer EMB-170 STD 17000294 BA CityFlyer Arr as "flyer 48H" from LCY
G-LCYG Embraer EMB-170 STD 17000300 BA CityFlyer Arr as "Flyer 50U" from LCY
G-LCYJ Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000339 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYK Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000343 BA CityFlyer Arr as "Flyer 22B" from LCY
G-LCYR Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000563 BA CityFlyer Arr as "Flyer 35E" from LCY
G-LCYS Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000663 BA CityFlyer Arr as "Flyer 1TJ" from LCY
G-LGNC Saab 340 B 318 Flybe Arr as Logan 82HT/52PU
G-LGNI Saab 340 B 160 Flybe Arr as "Logan 12GV" from WIC
G-LGNK Saab 340 B 185 Flybe Arr as Logan 98YR/86YU
G-OLCP Twin Squirrel AS.355 N5580 Cheshire Helicopters Ltd Over flight
G-PRPE DHC-8 402 4209 Flybe Arr as "Jersey 1RQ" from BHX
*G-PRPI DHC-8 402 4204 Flybe
G-SOUL Cessna 310 310R-0140 RVL Group Dep as "Endurance 71D"
HB-JII Global Express XRS Albinati Aeronautics
LN-DYZ Boeing 737 NG 8JP/W 39013 Norwegian Arr as "Norshuttle 3502" from CPH
LN-NGN Boeing 737 NG 8JP/W 39025 Norwegian Over flight flt no NAX2NU OSL-DUB
LN-NGW Boeing 737 NG 8JP/W 39032 Norwegian Arr as "Norshuttle 3BM" from ARN
LN-RGA Boeing 737 NG 86N/W 39397 Scandinavian Airlines System Arr as "Scandinavian 2541" dep "Scandinavian 2542" f/ t ARN
* N117MS Bombardier Global 5000 9386 Star Flight LLC Parked at block 33
N17133 Boeing 757 224/W 29282 United Airlines Dep as "United 37" to EWR
N191AN Boeing 757 223/W 32385 American Airlines Dep as AAL279 to JFK
*N200JB Bombardier Challenger 300 20353 JCB Inc Parked at block 33
*N2DF Gulfstream G4 1032 Suburban Properties 3 LLC Parked at block 33
*N416RJ Gulfstream G5 587 Jet Edge dep as "Edge 4" to FAB
N702TW Boeing 757 2Q8/W 28162 Delta Air Lines Dep as "Delta 209" to JFK
N999YY Bombardier Global Express XRS 9240 Solairus Aviation Parked at block 33
*OH-LVA Airbus A319 112 1073 Finnair Arr as "Finnair 5LM" from HEL
OO-DWC AVRO 146 RJ100 E3322 Brussels Airlines Arr as "Beeline 2061" dep "Beeline 2062" f/t BRU
OO-DWD AVRO 146 RJ100 E3324 Brussels Airlines Arr as "Beeline 3ED" dep "Beeline 99D" f/t B RU
OY-JTT Boeing 737 NG 73S/W 29079 JetTime Dep as "Shuttle 9B" to LHR
PH-BGW Boeing 737 NG 7K2/W 38128 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Dep as "KLM 1278" to AMS
PH-BXR Boeing 737 NG 9K2/W 29601 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Arr as "KLM 1285" dep "KLM 1286" f/t AMS
PH-BXW Boeing 737 NG 8K2/W 30360 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Dep as "KLM 1280" to AMS
PH-EZL Embraer EMB-190 STD 19000334 KLM cityhopper Arr as KLM1289 from AMS
PH-KZI Fokker F70 11579 KLM cityhopper Arr as "KLM 1281" dep "KLM 94Z" f/t AMS
SE-DNX Boeing 737 NG 683 28304 Scandinavian Airlines System Arr as "Scandinavian 4601" dep "Scandinavian 4602" f/ t OSL
*TC-JZF Boeing 737 NG 8F2/W 60027 Turkish Airlines Arr as "Turkish 41L" dep Turkish 1NA" f/t IS T
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