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Shuttleworth season premiere, 7th May 2017 - visitors list

a section for forthcoming civil orientated airshow discussions, information, calendars, reports and aircraft logs including visitors
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Shuttleworth season premiere, 7th May 2017 - visitors list

Post by andygolfer » Tue May 09, 2017 9:28 am

as promised in my photo thread, here's a list of visitors compiled from my photos of arrivals and departures. hope it's of use

reg. in brackets indicates military reg carried on civilian registered aircraft
POA = present on arrival (around 11.15)
ARN = arrival not noted

G-AISA Tipsy Trainer A 12.29 D 18.16
G-ANFM Tiger Moth A 12.46 D 18.13
G-APUW Auster J.5 ARN D 18.18
G-ASSS Ce.172 ARN D 17.42
G-ASWX Pa.28 POA from east side hangar 12.38, departure not noted , returned 18.53
G-ATOO Pa.28 POA D 18.54
G-ATXO SIPA 903 A 12.40 D 18.16
G-AXNS Beagle Pup ARN D 17.47
G-AYPE Bolkow 209 ARN D 17.50
G-BBND Chipmunk (WD286) A 11.38 went to east side hangar later in day
G-BSVS Robin DR.400 A 11.39 not seen departing after show, may have gone to east hangar (?)
G-BSXC Pa.28 ARN D 18.17 returned 18.22 and dep again 18.31
G-BTRG Aeronca 65 POA D 17.56
G-BULO Luscombe Silvaire A.12.23 D 17.37
G-BVAF Piper Cub POA D 18.51
G-BVTM Ce.150 A 11.46 D 18.07
G-CCZZ EV.97 ARN went to east side hangar 12.36
G-CEHR Auster AOP9 (XP241) POA D 17.54
G-ECKB Escapade POA D 17.46
G-ERRY AA.5 ARN D 18.18
G-EJBI Bolkow 207 POA D 17.52
G-GGRR S.A. Bulldog (XX614) A 11.40 D 12.56
G-IPKA Pioneer 300 A 12.06 D 18.09
G-LANE Ce.172 A 12.38 D 18.01
G-LIZI Pa.28 ARN D 17.48
G-YOTS Yak 52 A 12.37 D 18.02
N62658 Stearman A 12.16 D 17.57

re G-BSVS, did anybody see that leave please?

pics of some of the visitors can be viewed here: http://www.civilianaviation.co.uk/forum ... 73&t=28039

and my photos of the display aircraft are here: http://www.civilianaviation.co.uk/forum ... 73&t=28034
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