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Cromer - Northrepps - Winspurs Farm Airfield Information

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Cromer - Northrepps - Winspurs Farm Airfield Information

Post by norwichmike » Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:22 am

Details of my local airstrip

Northrepps Aerodrome, North Walsham Road, Northrepps, Norfolk, NR27 9LF


Radio Frequency
129.825 (Cromer Radio)

Visitor Information
Friendly airfield with lovely Cafe which opens every weekend weather depending. Every movement and aircraft on the field can be seen from the public area.
There are currently 4 hangars with a 5th underway which house all the based aircraft. Hangar access is only permitted if accompanied by someone, See below.

Hangar Access Contact
I am willing to show any aviation enthusiasts around the hangars to log the registrations however this will depend on just a couple of thing.
1. Pre-Arrange with myself by emailing to mikesaviation @ googlemail.com (Remove the spaces) : I need names and day of visit
2. I can only show people round on a weekend
3 . Subject to other commitments - I do have a family to think about and I also go out spotting too.

Airside access is not permitted unless accompanied by a club member. However this is not necessarily needed as all aircraft visiting can be seen and the runways visible from the public area.

Photo Locations:
1. Public Area/Car Park - This is an area behind the fence which looks out over the apron and the 2 runways. All movements can be viewed from here and allow photographs as per these shots...
A. Apron Shot
ImageG-KEVB by Mike Burdett, on Flickr
B. Landing on Short cross runway 33
ImageG-CECL by Mike Burdett, on Flickr

By walking to the end of the Camping area you can photograph landings on the longer runway 04 which runs downhill..
C. ImageG-BHPK by Mike Burdett, on Flickr

Departures off Cross runway 15
D. ImageG-OEGL by Mike Burdett, on Flickr

Departures Uphill 22
E. ImageG-OMER by Mike Burdett, on Flickr

There is a footpath the runs down the South of the airfield to the railway line which can allow photographs of aircraft landing uphill on runway 22

ImageNorthrepps by Mike Burdett, on Flickr

ImageNorthrepps by Mike Burdett, on Flickr
Mike B

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