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Lelystad Aviodrome

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Lelystad Aviodrome

Post by LondonEye » Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:27 pm

Older members may remember that there used to be an Aviodome Museum in the middle of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It was forced to move and in 2003 opened at Lelystad Airport as the Aviodrome. It is fairly easily reached by train and bus from Amsterdam Central. It is an active airfield, and some of the aircraft on view are airworthy. There is a replica of Schiphol Airports 1928 Terminal building providing an interesting backdrop for photos.
Of particular civil interest are An-2, B747, DC2, DC3, DC4, DH104, F-27, Fk50, Fk100 and a L-749A Constellation.
An enjoyable day out.
Website is http://www.aviodrome.nl


My visit was April 2015, for those interested in specifics -

Aeriane Sirocco PH-2B7 90061
Anselma Sagitta 013 PH-308 006
Antonov An-2R 562* Russian AF (LY-ACQ) 1G-172 48
Auster J/1 PH-NFH 1845
B747-206B PH-BUK KLM 21549
BAC Provost T3A XN600 Nose PAC/W/13885
Beech D18S * USAAF (G-BKRG) AF-522
Bleriot XI BAPC 105
Caravelle 3 PH-TRO Nose Transavia 33
CASA 352L 1Z + IK German AF G-BFHF 166
Cierva C-30A PH-HHH* (SE-AFI) 735
DH104 Dove I OO-SCD Nose 04117
DH104 Sea Devon PH-MAD* Martinair (XJ350) 04453
DH82A Tiger Moth A-38 Neth AF 83101
DHC2 Beaver JZ-PAD* Fuselage (N7904C) 1288
Douglas DC2-112 Fuselage (A30-14 AustralianAF) 1288
Douglas DC2-142 PH-AJU* (N39165) 1404
Douglas DC3A-456 PH-TCB* KLM (G-BVOL) 9836
Douglas DC4 (C-54A) NL-316* Neth AF (PH-DDY) 7488
Evans VP-1 PH-VPI* (PH-GOO 0 NVAV-10
F-27.100 PH-FHF 10105
F-27.100 PH-NVF 10102
Fokker 50 PH-OSI 10688
Fokker 70 PH-MKC Nose 11243
Fokker 100 PH-OFA 11246
Fokker C.VD 634 Neth AF
Fokker DR1 Replica 152-17*
Fokker F.II Replica H-NABC* 1598
Fokker F.VIIA H-NADP* (OY-ASE) 5054
Fokker S.12 PH-NDC 6287
Fokker S-11 Instructor E-14 PH-AFS 6205
Fokker S-11 Instructor E-27 PH-HOL 6270
Fokker S-11 Instructor E-29 PH-HOK 6272
Fokker S-11 Instructor E-39 PH-HOG 6275
Fokker S-11 Instructor E-9 6200
Fokker S-14 Mach Trainer PH-XIV Dutch AF 6289
Fokker S-IV PH-SIV Neth AF NVAV-74
Fokker Spin C Replica PH-WEY
Fokker Spin Replica *
Fokker Spin Replica PH-SPN
Fouga CM-170R Magister F-GLHF 406
Gloster Meteor F8 3W-32 Neth AF 6466
Grumman Tracker US-2N 151 KLM 712
Grumman Tracker US-2N 159 Neth Navy 720
Hawker Hunter F51 WV395* RAF (E-410 DanishAF) 41H-680269
Ka-4 Rhonlerche II PH-375 3078/BR
Lambach HL.II Replica PH-APZ
Lockheed 749A Constellation PH-FLE* KLM (N749NL) 2604
Lockheed F-104G Starfighter D-8061 Neth AF 683D-8061
Lockheed SP-2H Neptune 210 Neth Navy 726-7263
MBB Bo105C PH-KHD S-324
Mignet HM-1000 Balerit F-59 RY 115
Mikoyan Mig-21SPS-K 473 East German AF 94A7006
NA B-25D Mitchell Nose Neth AF 100-20754
NA Harvard IIB (FT228) 14A-1268
NH1 Kolibri H3 PH-NHI 3001
Nieuport 28C-1 Replica N1247*
Nord VI Norseman 470509 USAAC F-AZBN 774
Piasecki PV-18 Retriever 130082 USN
Piper J3C-65 Cub NC16623 4740
SA-365C-1 (EC-DYU) 5053
SAAB 91D Safir PH-RLN 91379
SAAB AJSH-37 Viggen 37901 Swedish AF
Schleicher ESG-31 Grunau Baby IIB PH-170 6052
Schleicher Ka-8B PH-393 8768
Sikorsky HO4S (S55) O-76 Neth Navy
Sobeh H-2 Helicopter PH-NFT 2001
Spijker V.II Replica *
Stamer-Lippisich Z-12 Replica PH-1*
VS Spitfire LF.IXc Replica 3W-K
Wright Flyer Replica *
WS-51 Dragonfly HR3 81* Neth AF (WG752) WA/H/62

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Re: Lelystad Aviodrome

Post by Bobbybefc » Sun Dec 06, 2015 4:30 pm



I remember the Museum at Schiphol- have yet to visit Leystad but may do in the next 12 months- obviously to see the excellent collection there and some of the based light aircraft.

Bob :cool:

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Re: Lelystad Aviodrome

Post by LondonEye » Mon Dec 07, 2015 4:47 pm

Go for it Bob, you will have a great day.
If you are into photos, the lighting inside is reasonable, but like many museums the exhibits are rather squeezed together in places.
There is a small raised area for viewing the airfield, from which you will only see a handful of light a/c in front of the hangars.
We were tight for time for exploring, but I have read it is a friendly field.

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