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I am thinking of Buying a Bridge Camera

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:30 pm
by KenR
I am thinking of buying a bridge camera for Overseas travel - Mainly to cut down carry on weight.
I travel long haul at least once a year, mainly to visit different airports and take photographs.
Last year - Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand.
This year - USA - Florida, Mexico, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

My current gear consists of :-
Camera - Canon 70d
Lenses -all Canon L series - 20-105 L, 70-200 L, 70-300 L, 100-400 L.
I normally Fly with one of the 1st two lenses AND one of the last two.

I am thinking of buying a Bridge Camera - either a Canon SX60HS, OR A Panasonic FZ82.
I fully realise that a bridge camera costing a few hundred pounds is not going to give me the quality of a DLSR with L series lenses.
I am wondering how much quality I will be sacrificing while benefiting from the weight reduction.
Any views, experience or input welcome.



Re: I am thinking of Buying a Bridge Camera

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:53 pm
by Mike s
HI Ken
ironicly I have just replaced my canon sx50 bridge camera with a canon eos 600d DSLR,if I were you I would stick to the 70d plus you're shortest and longest lenses for your trip.yse the bridge camera is light and boasts a huge zoom but those lenses suffer from chromatic aberration not to mention the 1.3 sec shutter lag in raw mode!
I have seen a huge increase in quality over my bridge camera since getting the DSLR my photos are much easier and quicker to edit,I ONLY have a cheep ef-s 55-250 is stm lens ,you'll notice a huge jump in quality over l series lens to bridge