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Telephoto lens for Nikon D5500

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Telephoto lens for Nikon D5500

Post by james143611 » Tue Jan 26, 2021 6:11 pm

Hello all,

Has anyone got a telephoto lens and have any recommendations for a telephoto lens? Not having one before, with a high price I need to know what I need really!

I'd like a lens that would do for overheads (ones on contrails but ideally stuff on Heathrow approach, which from where I am is at about 25,000ft) and also for airshows, which for displays at RIAT a 300mm lens is still too short for smaller stuff. Would also be ideal for GA's either overhead or on distance approach to an airfield.

Would a 150-600 be ideal for what I need? If I was going to somewhere like Kemble or Compton Abbas and an airshow like RIAT I'd take my D3300 that I also have and take my 35-200 lens for taking aircraft closer up.

I assume the lower f.stop the better, but they seem to be extremely high priced, but some F/4 or F/5 to F/6.3 lenses seem to be reasonable price wise.

Any help would be most appreciated!


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Re: Telephoto lens for Nikon D5500

Post by Nighthawke » Tue Jan 26, 2021 8:55 pm

Hi James - first off I am not an expert and usually reluctant to advise - plus I shoot Canon and not familiar with Nikon products. Having said that I and from your post, I would think you are looking for 500mm or 600mm top end (you said 300 was often not enough).

I have recently obtained a Sigma 150-600 Contemporary (quite a lot lighter than the Sport - and less expensive). This replaced my old 150-500 as it is better all round and I switched to full-frame last year. Tamron also do a 150-600 and it is worth doing some web-based research, although you will find a lot of biased reviews so check several.

I am sure there are other members in similar positions who can advise - probably better than me!

If you haven't looked already the Sigma retails for £779 new. I got a good used copy from Wex for £670 nearly new so you can get decent second hand if you are lucky. MPB are also worth checking for second hand if that's what you need.

If I've been telling you what you knew already, sorry :)

Hope you get what you want and good hunting.

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