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The engine now arriving

Introduce yourself here and feel free to ask any "newbie" questions that any of the beginners to the hobby have
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The engine now arriving

Post by RB211'535E4 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:54 pm

Hi to all. My name is Allan.
I worked on RB211-22 -524 and 535C / E4, Trent family, Tay, and BR710/715 Fan Casings all my 42 year working life, after a 5 year apprenticeship. Hence my Forum name
I live in Coventry under one of the tracks for BHX and EMA. Then at higher altitudes, southbound traffic from everywhere. I believe it is Amber One but will stand correction.
I'm paid up on FR24 with bells and whistles, frustating my wife to hell, sitting / standing in the back garden, tablet in hand staring up into the wild blue yonder.
A sign of how sad I am. We had the garden landscaped in the spring so I had a stone compass built into the design to help with FR24 orientation as our house does not sit N-S E-W.
Oh. I'm also interested in railways spending my youth at the North Norfolk, Tyesly then engineering in Boston Lodge Works and fireman on the Festiniog. That will mean something to those in the know.

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Re: The engine now arriving

Post by Mike » Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:35 am

Welcome aboard, Allan. :thumb:

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