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Why I changed from military to civil I

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Why I changed from military to civil I

Post by pyked79 » Sat May 25, 2019 5:39 am

I have been interested in aviation all my life, and mostly into military aircraft. When visiting local airbase, the waiting game for aircraft to take off was long. Peering through a fence with a camera, waiting for movement.

I did visit the local airport near Me, Humberside and that was even worse for movement, mostly helicopters to the north sea oil/gas rigs.

Last October for My 60th birthday, I treated myself to visit Manchester airport, via transpennine express (with a new senior railcard). The trip was the first time I had seen a major airport and the movements there blew my mind. It was never ending. Always somthi g happening. I visited the viewingarea and shop/cafe and was impressed bythe facilities and the clear view of the aircaft. The price for the train was £35 return which was return, well worth a day out and the local train station to me is just two miles away with free parking. I am planning another trip to manchester airpirt soon.

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Re: Why I changed from military to civil I

Post by Bobbybefc » Mon May 27, 2019 12:55 pm


Ref your up and coming trip- be aware that the AVP is currently like a building site with very poor viewing etc whilst they are in the process of building the new Biz Jet Terminal- the two mound which were in front of the Nimrod have now gone. Just the long viewing area left. But you will always get lots of airliners.

Good Luck

Bob :cry:

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