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Humberside 15.02.11.updated

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Humberside 15.02.11.updated

Post by rich » Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:53 am

Noted on a quick visit this morning, and afternoon visit added.

G-CERZ. Saab 2000 Eastern Airways
G-MAJI. Jetstream 41 Eastern Airways
G-MAJJ. Jetstream 41 Eastern Airways
EC-IXL. Aeronova 613
HK-4765-X Jetstream 41. taxied to rwy 08 for checks, parked in front of hangar 8 when I left.
N44NE Approaches
M-YZZT Land/Depart
G-WINS Land/Depart.

Helicopters noted,
G-CGOP. Bristows
G-CGIW. Bristows
G-CEYZ. Bristows
G-BLXR. Bristows.Super Puma in as 'Bristows 507'. departed approx 15:00.
G-CGOU.Bristows (hangar 5)
G-SNSA. Scotia.
G-BTNC. Scotia (hangar 1)
G-SSSC. Scotia (hangar 1 to hangar 9 minus rotors)
G-SSSD. Scotia (hangar 1 minus rotors)
G-SSSE. Scotia (hangar 1 minus rotors)


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