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Humberside 10.12.10.

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Humberside 10.12.10.

Post by rich » Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:54 pm

Visitor movements today, times approximate.
09:38. G- ? . Watchdog 72. departed
10:38. inbound M-ICRO. Cesnna 525 Citation, departed 10:10
11:30. inbound G-CVXN Reims Cessna F406. departed 13:45
15:10. inbound M-ICRO. departed 15:50
17:10. inbound Ravenair 14.
17:15. inbound Ravenair 03.

15:40 LN-OBX. AS-332 Super Puma called up radar, but was only transitting Aberdeen to London City, pity it didn't drop in I'd have gone for a photo of that :D


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