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Humberside 23.11.10.

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Humberside 23.11.10.

Post by rich » Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:42 pm

Noted this morning, I've left the smaller based aircraft out as I don't want to bore you to death, may be already have :whistle:

G-LOVB. Jetstream 31. Sky Aeronautical Ltd
G-MAJE. Jetstream 41. Eastern Airways. Dept E/Flt 12W.
SX-SEC. Jetstream 41. Eastern Airways.
PH-KZH. Fokker 70. KLM. Dept KLM 1468 (Cancelled morning Flight)
PH-OFP. Fokker 100. KLM. Dept KLM 1490
F-HAST. Raytheon 390 Premier (DRT).

Helicopters noted today.
G-BTEU. AS365 Dauphin 11. CHC Scotia Ltd
G-CHCO. AS365 Dauphin 11. CHC Scotia Ltd
G-SNSA. Agusta AW139. CHC Scotia Ltd.
G-CEYZ. Sikorsky S-76C. Bristow Heli Ltd.
G-CFDV. Sikorsky S-76C. Bristow Heli Ltd
G-CGOP. Sikorsky S-76C. Bristow Heli Ltd
G-KAZB. Sikorsky S-76C. Bristow Heli Ltd
G-HPLO. MD900 Explorer. Humberside Police.
G-RAMY. Bell 206 Jet Ranger.
G-DODB. R22 Beta. Heliyork Ltd.


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