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LOG: Duxford 1/6/19

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LOG: Duxford 1/6/19

Post by Martin » Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:56 pm

From Mildenhall, it was down the A11 to Duxford with the following seen from the lane that runs along the southside of the airfield

N47E Dc3
N47SJ Dc3
N47TB Dc3
N62CC Dc3
N103NA Dc3
N150D Dc3
N431HM Dc3
N877MG Dc3
N8336C Dc3
N18121 Dc3
N24320 Dc3
N25641 Dc3
N33611 Dc3
N45366 Dc3
N74589 Dc3

A couple of visitors logged were Ce303 D-IBIS and Be55 G-SWEE, there were a couple of other GA visitors but they were parked tail onto the lane.

Whilst at Stansted, I noticed another Dc3 arrive so after there, it was back up to the M11 to Duxford where Dc3 N341A went into the book. 7 of the Dc3s logged earlier had departed to Old Warden since my earlier visit.


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