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Stansted 23-09-2021

This area is for all current civilian images less than 5 years old. A limited number of military photos (guideline up to 10%) may be included if they add to the overall theme. No topics with links only please.
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Stansted 23-09-2021

Post by andygolfer » Thu Sep 23, 2021 11:14 am

I made a brief visit to Stansted this morning as the PM was arriving back from his USA trip, also caught a new Ryanair MAX arriving from Dublin for the first time, starting with that....

ImageEI-HGG B737M Ryanair Stansted 23-09-2021 3426 by Andrew Goldsmith, on Flickr

ImageEI-HGG B737M Ryanair Stansted 23-09-2021 3445 by Andrew Goldsmith, on Flickr
this was the second 'new'one to arrive this week , EI-HAT arrived yesterday and 2 rotations and went to Sofia this morning. Although it was only delivered to Dublin on the 14th -HAT is listed as 2 years old on FR24!

Image9H-LOY A320 Lauda Air Stansted 23-09-2021 3365 by Andrew Goldsmith, on Flickr

a couple of Turkish cargo flights arrived...
ImageTC-JOU A330F Turkish Cargo Stansted 23-09-2021 3400 by Andrew Goldsmith, on Flickr

ImageTC-LJN B777F Turkish Cargo Stansted 23-09-2021 3532 by Andrew Goldsmith, on Flickr

and the regular PLAY A321 from Iceland (which I still think is hideous)
ImageTF-AEW A321 PLAY Stansted 23-09-2021 3485 by Andrew Goldsmith, on Flickr

and finally the UK PLc or RAF A330 ZZ336 arriving from JFK
ImageZZ336 Airbus A330-243MRTT Royal Air Force Stansted 23-09-2021 3564 by Andrew Goldsmith, on Flickr

thasnks for looking, C&C welcome

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