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Log: St Athan 21 April 2015 (Tues)

Post your civilian logs, movements and information for St. Athan here.
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Log: St Athan 21 April 2015 (Tues)

Post by StreeF117 » Sun May 10, 2015 2:48 pm

A first time visit to St Athan on Tues 21st April 2015  mainly to get the stored aircraft including the ex Air India A330's.

Noted between 15.38 and 16.37.
Resident - G-CPAS - EC135 police helicopter was noted landing.
G-CINP  A330    Air India  ( Ex VT-IWA )
G-CINR  A330    Air India  ( Ex VT-IWB )
N400SA  B744F  Southern Air
N674AC  B73G   Moskovia Airlines ( Ex VQ-BER )
N980AP  A320    Spring Airlines

VQ-BCF or VQ-BMW  B752  Yakutia Airlines ( Awkward angle to read off )

C-FAYN / 282  CL215  Buffalo Airways
C-FAYU / 283  CL215  Buffalo Airways

Outside Twin peaks hangar

G-ZBAS  A320SL  Monarch  ( C/N 6550 ) **
9H-ZAZ   B734      Air Horizont  ( Ex G-DOCD )
G-CIOE   B734      Ex S7 Siberia Airlines  ( VP-BQG ) **  ( All white )

And one other B734 in an all white scheme

Noted in the scrapping area.

In various states of scrapping.

N720AP -  China Eastern c/s (ex B-2400) - A320

(N468CS ntu) - Fastjet c/s (ex 5H-FJB) - A319

(N859AC) - ex Vietnam Airlines (ex VN-A308) - A320

All white fuselage "AC" faintly visible on fuselage. No cockpit.

(N934AC) - SAS c/s (ex LN-TUI) - B737-7

Still marked as LN-TUI.

(PR-MBI) - ex TAM - A319

"A320 Sharklet retrofit aircraft"  partially visible  on tail.

Can anybody help with the identities of the following aircraft.

1.     The all white B737-4 to the port side of the Air Horizont B737 marked as 9H-ZAZ (which is still registered as G-DOCD!)
The aircraft on the starboard side is all white G-CIOE B737-4 (ex VP-BQG).

2.    Yakutia Airlines B757  outside minus engines.

Either VQ-BMW or VQ-BCF?

3.    Unmarked Pembroke near southside fence

Out of 19 aircraft noted, confirmed 10 frames & 3 scrapes including G-ZBAS & N980AP, plus another possible 3 frames depending on the id's of the queries.


Benjamin Burt

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Re: Log: St Athan 21 April 2015 (Tues)

Post by Maltatripper » Tue May 12, 2015 10:08 am

Did the B747 fly out, or was it scrapped.

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Re: Log: St Athan 21 April 2015 (Tues)

Post by StreeF117 » Tue May 12, 2015 7:07 pm


I understand that the B747 is being parted out and then will be scrapped.



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Re: Log: St Athan 21 April 2015 (Tues)

Post by welshdan1927 » Thu May 14, 2015 11:12 am

747s cannot depart from Saints, the runway is too small.

Re. the Yakutia, it was probably BCF. BMW went on an airtest yesterday which makes me assume it's been in the hangar for a bit, and would have been in when you were there.

Your unident polarbear 734 was either 9M-FZB (now G-CIHK) - although this should still have a red tail? or LN-BRE (G-CILC),which is definitely a polarbear but wasn't visible last time I was down.

And the Pembroke must have been G-BNPH...

Unless it was a Sea Prince, or it was devoid of wings/engines.

See here for further info;
http://cardiffstathan.blogspot.co.uk/p/ ... mally.html

Hope that helps!

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Re: Log: St Athan 21 April 2015 (Tues)

Post by seankyte » Fri May 15, 2015 6:03 pm


I read VQ-BCF off on 24 April 2015, agreed it was parked at a funny angle. The other 757 was not seen.



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