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Lanzarote 14th-21st April 2024

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Lanzarote 14th-21st April 2024

Post by Bobbybefc » Mon Apr 22, 2024 8:57 am


ell after a number of cancellations over the last few years due Covid, my beloved being ill and my mother in law passing we managed on my birthday to head out to Lanzarote for a week away from the lovely weather we have had here- flying out on Tui 737-8 G-FDZY. Staying at the Riu Parasio where we have stayed a few times before- sea view room overlooking the beach and the approach to the nearby airport- with out boring you all too much apart from having nice food and all inclusive drinks I managed the following very respectable log of cops- not Oshkosh but happy with the haul.


G-UZLV- A320N Easy Jet

Lanzarote 14th-21st April 2024

D-ABNH- A320 Eurowings

D-AENH- A320 Eurowings

D-AIAA- A321 Condor

D-AIAD- A321 Condor

D-AICP- A320 Condor

D-AICS- A320 Condor

D-AMAA- 737M Tui

D-AMAH- 737M Tui

D-AMAY- 737M Tui

D-ATCC- A321 Condor

D-ATCF- A321 Condor

D-ATUK- 737 Tui

D-ATYL- 737 Tui

EC-MUJ- ATR 72 Canary Fly

EC-NAJ- A320 Vueling

EC-NBZ- Beech 200

EC-NDB- A321 Vueling

EC-NDD- ATR 72 Binter

EC-NDH- A320 Volotea

EC-NGF- ATR 72 Binter

EC-NGG- ATR 72 Binter

EC-NJI- A321N Iberia

EC-NJK- ATR 72 Binter

EC-NMF- ATR 72 Binter

EC-NON- A320 Volotea

EC-NQR- ATR 72 Binter

EC-NSF- ATR 72 Binter

EC-NSG- ATR 72 Binter


EC-NUD- A321 Iberia

EC-NUP- A320 Volotea

EC-NUY- 737 Aer Europa

EC-NUZ- 737 Aer Europa

EC-NVC- ATR 72 Binter

EC-NVD- ATR 72 Binter

EC-NVP- 737 Aer Europa

EC-NYS- ATR 72 Canary Fly

EC-OAM- ATR 72 Binter

EC-OAN- ATR 72 Binter

EC-OBY- A321 Iberia

EC-OCC- A321N Iberia

EC-OCL- ATR 72 Binter

EI-IJN- 737 Ryanair

ES-MBC- A320 Marabu

ES-SAX- A320 Smart Lynx

F-HUYI- 737 Transavia (France)

F-HUYX- 737 Transavia (France)

G-SUNH- A321 Jet 2

G-TUKW- 737 Tui



HB-AYE- A320 Easy (Swiss)


LX-LBK- 737 Luxair



OO-SBA- A320 Sabena

OO-TMZ- 737 Tui

OY-JZO- 737 Jet Time


PH-HSJ 737 Transavia

PH-HXI- 737 Transavia

PH-TFP- 737 Tui (Netherlands)

PH-TFR- 737 Tui (Netherlands)

SP-EXE- 737 Enter Air

9H-CXD- 737 Corendon (Europe)

9H-CXH- 737 Corendon (Europe)

9H-MLD- A320 Avion Express

9H-MLP- A320 Eurowings

D4-04- CN235 Spanish Air Force


C-FAWC- 737 Sunwings/Tui


G-SUNG- A321 Jet 2


Flew back yesterday on G-FDZS and added the above

Regarding flyovers apart from a couple out of nearby Fuerteventure nothing trailed.

Happy Days

Bob :cool:
Bobby B EFC :cool:

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Re: Lanzarote 14th-21st April 2024

Post by Mike s » Wed May 22, 2024 5:22 pm

Nice log Bob.did you take any photos at the airport?
Check out my pics at http://www.flickr.com/photos/46921869@N02/

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