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Parisienne silly

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Parisienne silly

Post by Terry » Sun Oct 16, 2011 9:31 pm

Had another 'silly' mid week. Collect from central London Tuesday 10 p.m. deliver Paris Wednesday 10 a.m.
I won't relate the in between idiocies, suffice to say I boarded a 00.45 train Folkestone to Calais Wednesday morning, sauntered down the A16 (In the wifes Polio as they didn't want me to go in the Transit !) to the outskirts of gay Paree where I dropped & broke the satnav. No problem I'll buy a map. Rue de la Tremoille, was not in the index of any of the 3 I tried !, so I phoned the London office & left a message to call me, and proceeded along in the Parisienne traffic with the intention of visiting the office of a French courier company I know of. A call eased the problem, Rue de la whatever was off Avenue George 5th , which in turn was off the Champs Elysees.
Delivered 15 minutes early, so sauntered off to Issy.
F GRLB (I HAD SEEN as an R.22 was now an Ecurieul !), F ZBPS , G XOIL , F HEAD, and the inevitable mispole F GQPQ !
Zoomed round Peripherique to Port de La Chappelle (zoomed being figurative ) then north to Le Bourget. Busy it was too.
LX ZXP , CS TFY , LX VPG , N170PF , CS DTM , OD MIK , N898CT , TR LGV , 5A DCM , F GXDZ , N139AL , CS DTL , F HBBN ,LX AFD , M ONAV , F GMTJ , F HBFB , F GRET , F GLSJ , F HFMB , N86LF , N7600S , CS DUF , F HJYL , F HBFK , F HLIM , F GOCF , N403TB , F GHOC , N455QS , HB JEI , M JSTA , M JCPO , LX LAB , I FXRD , F BVPK , YK ASA , M GPIK , F HDCB , F GLOS , F GVLC , F GPFD , F GBPB , TR LFB , N311CG , N127GG , N885WT , F GLTK , F HBMS , F GHPB , G NCCC , EC LDK , VP BSF , F HGBT , A6 FBD , LX GJC , N708AA , N594RJ (red or what ?), F GXTM , F GUFP , F HCPJ , CS DNW and OE GH (V)
Two mispoles ? C GAXT and N529T.
Then it was fuel up and head for Calais, dropping in to get 8 boxes of 'vin rouge' for a friend who is having his 3 daughters (aged 9,12 and 25 !) christened next weekend. Made a grand total of 15 at Le Bourget !and 2 at Issy. WHAT JOY !
I got a little black book with me poems in

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