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LOG: Paris Air Show 20/06

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LOG: Paris Air Show 20/06

Post by EGVP » Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:57 pm

Log of everything, hope no-one minds! Only listed construction numbers as read off the airframe.

Reg Code Type C/N Opr/Colours PAS code RMK
9H-AFZ Airbus A318CJ Comlux
A7-BBH Boeing 777-200 Qatar Airways
C-FUQY Challenger 850 Bombardier
C-GKUK DHC-8-Q400 Jazz/Air Canada Express
CS-HGH Agusta AW139
D-ABLF Boeing 737-800 Air Berlin
D-CNEU Dornier 228NG 222
EC-JAT AT-802 41 On floats
ES-YLI 4 L-39 Breitling
ES-YLP 7 L-39 Breitling
ES-YLX 1 L-39 Breitling
F-BUAD Airbus A300
F-WWAZ Airbus A380-800 0039 Airbus/for Korean Airlines To be HL7612
F-WWDD Airbus A380-800 Airbus
F-WWMS Airbus A400M Airbus
F-WWXX APM-30 01 120
F-HGRR APM-40 3 121
F-WMXB AS350B3e 4767 H24
F-WWLP ATR-72-600 ATR For Royal Air Maroc Express
F-WNXT Big Frog
F-POST Breguet XIV 105AB Think this is a flying replica!
F-GGKL Broussard Marked as 255, coded 5-ML
02 AEC Calidus Had F-JSHW in the cockpit
F-HAEC Cessna 172S 172S-10041
F-BSHQ Cessna 177 115
F-GRAZ Cessna 402/404
F-PCRQ Cri-cri
F-HMLA CRJ 1000 Britair/Air France
F-AZUU DHC-1 Chipmunk Marked as WP851
F-HCVA Diamond Da-42MPP
F-ZXXX Eurocopter X³ Eurocopter It's X-cubed if you're wondering!
F-WWGZ Falcon 2000LX
F-WFBV Falcon 7X
F-HADH Falcon 900 Camera turret under fuselage
F-WWFB Falcon 900LX
FA Flamant
F-JSEE G1 Spyl
F-GUKG Grob G102A-F
F-WHAD Heliair Hilineo HAD1-T
F-WWML Helix
F-WWNX Helix Benin Air Force Not totally convinced this will go to the Benin AF, but there we are!
F-AZLT MS Paris Marked as 32
? MTOsport French civil, but nothing inside or out!
101 Rafale French Air Force
F-HBGB TBM700/850 185 97
F-WWRB TBM700/850 579 98 Registration from cockpit, unmarked externally
F-WWXZ Tencam ??? 001 Mocked up in a ground attack role
F-HCGO Tencam P2006T 025
F-PFJP Trescal 123
F-PBHL Zodiac CH-640 104
F-PZCH Zodiac CH-640 105
G-CVXN Cessna 402/404
HB-RSC Constellation
HB-FVK PC-12 1256 Pilatus
HB-HZC PC-21 101 Pilatus
HB-FNI PC-6 Pilatus
HB-LUT Piaggio 180
HB-SIA Solar Impulse
I-PTFO Agusta 119 H175 Looked like a bigger 109!
I-PFTF Agusta 159
I-RAIX Agusta AW139 H169 Qatar AF colours
N4247U AT-802
N1459 Beech 350ER 149
N3000B Beech T-6C 50
N407AH Bell 407 Mocked up similar to a Kiowa
N407GX Bell 407GX
N6067E Boeing 747-800 Boeing 37
N305CL Challenger 300 Bombardier
N428CJ Citation 525 CJ4
N748FJ Falcon 7X
N383LJ Learjet 60 Bombardier
N427CD SR22GTS 3485
N708CR SR22T 0002
N707TJ 3 Stearman Team Guinot
OE-VDG Diamond Da-40
OE-FGS Diamond Da-42MPP
97005 Sukhoi 100 211
SE-BOG 4 Stearman Team Guinot
SP-GEI AT-3R100 AT3-047
SP-MAR Orka EM-11C
PZL-Sikorsky S-70i 70-3471 PZL-Sikorsky No serial known, c/n poled off from the plate in the cockpit
UR-NTN An158 225
AS1126 Beech 300 Maltese Air Force
148807 CH-148 Canadian Armed Forces
EC295 CASA 295AEW CASA/EADS Note serial presentation!
JDE EC135 French Gendarmarie
2619 SC EC725 French Air Force
676 Mirage 2000 French Air Force
8 NH90 French Navy
28 Rafale French Navy
126 113-GE Rafale French Air Force
2037 BIE Tigre French Army
ZK022 Hawk T.2 RAF - Royal Air Force
SX336 VL-105 Seafire
ZZ398 Wildcat
MM62208 10-02 ATR-42MPP Italian Coast Guard 166
C.S.X62127 C-27J Alenia 171
MM62226 46-83 G-222 Italian Air Force 172 Wears c/n 131
C.P.X619 M311 201 Aermacchi 179
C.P.X615 M346 001 Aermacchi 177
M346 Alenia 176 Display aircraft, not read off
MM81580 3-04 NH90 Italian Navy H32
MM7306 Typhoon Italian Air Force 175
MM7312 36-34 Typhoon Italian Air Force 174
EC155 Bulgarian Air Force H25 Unmarked
168003 QT-615 AH-1Z USMC - United States Marine Corps
08-8603 RS C-130J USAF - United States Air Force
07-8614 RS C-130J USAF - United States Air Force
09-9207 C-17A USAF - United States Air Force
86-0025 C-5 USAF - United States Air Force
08-08761 CH-47 United States Army
97-0211 LN bl F-15E USAF - United States Air Force
LN bl F-15E USAF - United States Air Force Not read off, sorry!
91-0352 SP ml F-16C USAF - United States Air Force Special 52FW marks
91-0366 SP F-16C USAF - United States Air Force
167998 SN-03 UH-1Y USMC - United States Marine Corps

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