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Bavaria 22 June 2014

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Bavaria 22 June 2014

Post by garryrussell » Sat Jul 05, 2014 7:42 pm

Straight dump from my log for the 22 June

Enroute across Germany from Latvia to France we diverted to see Bavaria

One and a half hours on the mound at Munich and brief, very brief stops elsewhere.

+ means the reg is false with the real identity in ( ) before the operator. Star lower case means the direction from me and the upper case the direction it was heading. For example *sNW means it was to the S of me travelling NW

Hotel Miratel, Mitterteich, Germany

D-ABVZ Boeing 747-430 Lufthansa LH733/DLH733 04:56 *neSE Shanghi-Frankfurt
D-AGWV Airbus A.319-132 Germanwings 4U4323/GWI4323 05:21*nE
VN-A141 Boeing 777-2Q8ER Vietnam Airlines VN11/HVN11 05:30 *nE Ho Chi Min-Paris Charles de Gaul

Autohoff, 10 Miles From Munich Airport, Germany

C-GHPN Boeing 767-33A Air Canada Rouge` RV1902/ROU1902 09:34 *sSE
PH-BGB Boeing 737-8K2 KLM KL1573/KLM1573 09:45 *sSSE Amsterdam-Athens
S5-AAO Canadair CRJ-900 Adria Airways JP117/ADR117 09:47 *sSE Frankfurt-Ljubjanna
G-EZWP Airbus A.320-214 easyJetAirline U22083/EZY2083 09:49 *sESE
EI-EFS Boeing 737-8AS Ryanair FR4104/RYR37EE 09:49 *swNW Rome-Frankfurt Hahn

Munich Airport, Germany

Viewing Mound Display Area

D-ALEM+ Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation (D-ALAP) Lufthansa
D-ANOY+ CASA 352L (D-CIAS) Lufthansa
D-HILF MBB Bolkow Bo.105 CBS5 ADAC Luftrettung GmbH (on pole)
HB-IRN+ Douglas C-53B (N569R) Swiss Air Lines


A6-AFF Airbus A.330-343X Etihad Airways
A7-BCD Boeing 787-8DZ Dreamliner Qatar Airways
A4O-DC Airbus A.330-243 Oman Air
CS-DHL Cessna 550Citation Bravo NetJets Transportes Aeros
D-ABCF Airbus A.321-211 Air Berlin
D-ABGK Airbus A.319-112 Air Berlin
D-ABGN Airbus A.319-112 Air Berlin
D-ABDY Airbus A.320-214 Air Berlin
D-ABGN Airbus A.319-112 Air Berlin
D-ABMP Boeing 737-86J Air Berlin
D-ABNB Airbus A.320-214 Air Berlin
D-ABNF Airbus A.320-214 Air Berlin
D-ACKA Canadair CRJ-900 Lufthansa CityLine
D-ACKB Canadair CRJ-900 Lufthansa CityLine
D-ACKC Canadair CRJ-900 Lufthansa CityLine
D-ACKD Canadair CRJ-900 Lufthansa CityLine
D-ACKH Canadair CRJ-900 Lufthansa CityLine
D-ACKI Canadair CRJ-900 Lufthansa CityLine
D-ACKJ Canadair CRJ-900 Lufthansa CityLine
D-ACPC Canadair CRJ-700ER Lufthansa CityLine
D-AEBA Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Lufthansa CityLine
D-AEBB Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Lufthansa CityLine
D-AEBC Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Lufthansa CityLine
D-AEBD Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Lufthansa CityLine
D-AEBH Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Lufthansa CityLine
D-AEBI Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Lufthansa CityLine
D-AEBN Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Lufthansa CityLine
D-AEBO Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Lufthansa CityLine
D-AEBP Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Lufthansa CityLine
D-AEBQ Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Lufthansa CityLine
D-AEMC Embraer ERJ-190-200AR Lufthansa CityLine
D-AEME Embraer ERJ-190-200AR Lufthansa CityLine
D-AGEQ Boeing 737-75B Germania
D-AHXF Boeing 737-7K5 Air Berlin
D-AIBA Airbus A.319-112 Lufthansa
D-AIBB Airbus A.319-112 Lufthansa
D-AIDC2 Airbus A.321-231 Lufthansa
D-AIDD2 Airbus A.321-231 Lufthansa
D-AIDF2 Airbus A.321-231 Lufthansa
D-AIDI2 Airbus A.321-231 Lufthansa
D-AIDP Airbus A.321-231 Lufthansa
D-AIDT Airbus A.321-231 Lufthansa
D-AIHO Airbus A.340-343X Lufthansa
D-AIHY Airbus A.340-343X Lufthansa
D-AIKI Airbus A.330-343X Lufthansa
D-AIKQ Airbus A.330-343X Lufthansa
D-AILB Airbus A.319-114 Lufthansa
D-AILC Airbus A.319-114 Lufthansa
D-AIPC Airbus A.320-211 Lufthansa
D-AIPW Airbus A.320-211 Lufthansa
D-AIRR Airbus A.321-131 Lufthansa
D-AISF Airbus A.321-231 Lufthansa
D-AIZE Airbus A.320-211 Lufthansa
D-AIZL Airbus A.320-211 Lufthansa
D-AKNI Airbus A.319-112 Lufthansa
D-HBPD Eurocopter EC.135P2+ Polizei Bayern BY
EC-LKG Airbus A.320-214 Iberia
EC-LLR Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Air Europa
EI-DTF Airbus A.320-216 Alitalia
EI-ETO Airbus A.319-111 Rossiya - Russian Airlines
F-GUGL Airbus A.318-111 Air France
G-EUPD Airbus A.319-131 British Airways (Dove)
G-EUYA Airbus A.320-232 British Airways
G-EZAS Airbus A.319 easyJet Airline
I-ADJL Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Air Dolomiti
I-ADJM Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Air Dolomiti
I-ADJO Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Air Dolomiti
LN-KKL Boeing 737-36N Norwegian Air Shuttle
LN-TUK Boeing 737-705 Scandinavian
N290AY Airbus A.330-243 US Airways
N833MH Boeing 767-432ER Delta Air Lines
OH-LVD Airbus A.319-112 Finnair
PH-BGW Boeing 737-7K2 KLM
S5-AAN Canadair Jet CRJ-900 Adria Airways
SX-DGK Airbus A.320-232 Aegean Airlines
SX-DVH Airbus A.320-232 Aegean Airlines
TC-SNM Boeing 737-8BK SunExpress
TC-JLK Airbus A.320-231 Turkish Airlines
VP-BHJ Airbus A.319-114 S7 Airlines
4X-EKB Boeing 737-858 El Al Israel Airlines
9A-CQD Bombardier DHC.8 Dash Eight-402Q Croatia Airlines
9H-AEG Airbus A.319-112 Air Malta
9H-AEK Airbus A.320-214 Air Malta
D-AKNP Airbus A.319-112 Germanwings 4U2874/GWI71N 10:28 SE Stuttgart-Bari
G-GDFL Boeing 737-36N Jet2 LS847/EXS50FU 10:41 *wSE Edinburgh-Dubrovnik
D-AIPM Airbus A.320-211 Lufthansa LH1426/DLH5RW 10:42 *wSE Frankfurt-Sofia
YU-APC Airbus A.319-131 Air Serbia JU321/ASL321 10:48 SE Dusseldorf-Belgrade
9A-CTK Airbus A.320-214 Croatia Airlines OU417/CTN9HR 10:50 *wSE Frankfurt-Zagreb
HZ-AK17 Boeing 777-368ER Saudi Arabian Airlines SV42/SVA042 10:54 SE Los Angeles-Jeddah
G-GDFR Boeing 737-829 Jet2 LS439/EXS45NM 10:54 *wSE Leeds-Dubrovnik
G-OZBT Airbus A.321-231 Monarch Airlines ZB204/MON204 10:55 *wSE London Gatwick-Antalya
OE-LVD Fokker F.100 Austrian Airlines OS178/AUA178V 10:55 *eseE Stuttgart-Vienna
D-AIQB Airbus A.320-211 Germanwings 4U2683/GWI78C 11:01 *wNW Thessalonik-Stuttgart
TC-ARP Boeing 737-82R Pegasus Airlines PC6512/PGT6512 11:02 SE Lille-Izmir
LN-DYA Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian Air Shuttle DY4322/NAX2ZY 11:03 *nNE Nice-Stockholm
YL-LCH Airbus A.320-211 SmartLynx XC40/CAI40 11:06 SE Eidhoven-Antalya
LZ-SOF Embraer ERJ-100STD Bulgaria Air FB462/LZB462 11:16 SE Amsterdam-Sofia
TC-SNH Boeing 737-8FH SunExpress XQ911/SXS2UQ 11:46 *wSE Frankfurt Izmir
LZ-FBA Airbus A.319-112 Hemus Air (Bulgaria Air) FB852/LZB852 11:46 SE London Heathrow-Sofia
D-AKNL Airbus A.319-112 Germanwings 11:47 *nwESE Stugartt-Belgrade
LN-DYR Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian Air Shuttle DY4356/NAX56J 11:47 *seNE Rome-Stockholm
TC-OBF Airbus A.321-231 Onur Air 11:49 SE
EC-KKT Airbus A.320-214 Vueling airlines VY414/VLG414 11:49 NE Brcelona-Dresden
9A-CTI Airbus A.319-112 Croatia Airlines OU419/CTN419 11:53 *eSW Frankfurt-Dubrovnik

Neusweinstein Castle, Germany

HB-IOZ Airbus A.320-214 Air Berlin/Belair 4T3985/BHP3985 13:38 W Antalya-Basel
OE-LBA Airbus A.321-211 Austrian Airlines OS415/AUA415 13:44 W Vienna-Paris Charles de Gaul
HB-IJW Airbus A.320-214 Eidleweiss Air WK177/EDW177 13:47 W Antayla-Zurich
BizJet 14:15 W
UR-EMC Embraer ERJU-190-100 Ukraine International Airlines PA486/AUI486 14:23 *sE Geneva-Kiev
YR-BGB Boeing 737-38J Tarom RO382/ROT382 14:30 E Paris Charles de Gaul-Bucharest
F-GKXO Airbus A.320-214 Air France AF1060/AFR1060 14:36 *sE Paris Charles de Gaul-Yerevan
D-AEBP Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Lufthansa Cityline LH2219/DLH07X 14:37 NE Toulouse-Munich
D-HDSR Europcopter MBB BK.117C1 Helitalia 15:15 E Over Village
D-ABGS Airbus A.319-112 Air Berlin AB8863/BER684J 15:17 NW Venice-Dusseldorf
G-EZAS Airbus A.319-111 easyJet Airline U25101/EZY62DR 15:39 E London Gatwick-Zagreb
HB-JLQ Airbus A.320-214 Swiss International Air Lines LX1801/SWR1801 15:40 W Istanbul-Zurich
HB-JZX Airbus A.320-214 easyJet Switzerland U21792/EZS1192 15:43 W Tel Aviv-Basel
G-OZBR Airbus A.321.231 Monarch Airlines ZB5039/MON5039 15:43 *sNE Kefalona-Manchester
TC-JRM Airbus A.321-231 Turkish Airlines TK1824/THY55N 16:09 *sE Paris Charles de Gaul-Istanbul
HB-IOQ Airbus A.320-214 Air Berlin/Belair AB366/BER366 16:21 *sE Zurich-Kos
G-CIVR Boeing 747-436 British Airways BA263/BAW263 16:31 E London Heathrow-Ridyah

Flugplatz Hofen, Austria

D-KAKM DG Flugzeugbau DG-1000T
D-KTIR Scheibe SF.25 Rotax Falke
D-0302 Glaser-Dirks DG-300 Club Elan
D-0749 Schleicher K.8B Segelflugschule Oerlinghausen
D-1367 Unidentified Glider
D-4467 Unidentified Glider
D-5451 Unidentified Glider
D-7781 Unidentified Glider
D-8703 Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus
OE-5422 Schleicher Flugzeugbau ASK-21
OE-5567 Unidentified Glider
EI-EFZ Boeing 737-8AS Ryanair FR793/RYR793 16:50 *nwW Treviso-Stansted

Near Kempten, Germany

HA-LPT Airbus A.320-232 Wizzair Hungary WZZ91 17:21 *nSE Brussels-Ljubijana
PH-XRE Boeing 737-7K2 Transavia HV6412/TRA64KW 17:21 W Naples-Amsterdam
PH-HZD Boeing 737-8K2 Transavia HV5498/TRA45W 17:22 W Venice-Amsterdam

Near Dornstadt, Germany

G-CELX Boeing 737-377 Jet2 LS559/EXS559 1846 *swSE Newcastle-Venice
BizJet 18:51 *sE
G-EZUS Airbus A.320-214 easyJet Airline U28793/EZY8793 18:57 *nE London Gatwick-Rhodes
VT-SPQ Boeing 737-8GJ SpiceJet QS1152/TVS1152 18:57 W Prague-Malaga

Near Merklingen, Germany

G-TAWU Boeing 737-8K5 Thomson Airways BY6788/TOM5BP 19:11 ESE Exeter-Lanaca
EI-EPE Boeing 737-8AS Ryanair FR216/RYR40AA 19:14 ESE Bremen-Milan

Approaching Stuttgart Airport, Germany

HB-IXW British Aerospace RJ-100 Swiss International Air Lines LX1175/SWR1175 19:36 W Stuttgart-Zurich
D-ABXC Airbus A.330-223 Air Berlin AB7576/BER688U 19:38 W Stuttgart-Palma de Majorca
D-AHFT Boeing 737-8K5 TUIFly X32452/TUI13MV 19:40 W Stuttgart-OUT
Cessna 152 19:41 W Stuttgart-OUT
EC-HQL Airbus A.320-214 Vuekling Airlines VY1869/VLG1869 19:48 W Stuttgart-Barcelona

Stuttgart Airport, Germany

D-AEBF Embraer ERJ-190-200LR Embraer 195 Lufthansa CityLine
D-AFSG+ Tupolev Tu-154B-2 (HA-LCB) Stuttgart Airport Fire Service
D-ARTC+ Cessna 320A Skynight (D-IBEK) Stuttgart Airport Fire Service
D-CEFO Cessna 560XL Citation XLS+ Air Hamburg
D-CHRA Cessna 525C Citation CJ4
D-EAAD Cessna 152 Flugschule Aero-Beta
D-EBOD Reims Cessna F.152 Flugschule Aero-Beta
D-EEDX Cessna T.182T Turbo Skylane
D-EFUI Reims Cessna F.152 Flugschule Aero-Beta
D-EIIE Piper PA-28 Cherokee 235
D-EJPE Reims Cessna F.152 Flugschule Aero-Beta
D-EKLH Piper PA-28-161 Cadet
D-EMLH Piper PA-28-181 Archer II Flugschule Aero-Beta
D-ERFC Piper PA-46-350P Malibu
D-ETSE Beech K35 Bonanza
D-EWTG Cirrus Design Cirrus SR-20 G2 Flugschule Aero-Beta
D-EXBB Reims Cessna FR.182RG Skylane RG Flugschule Aero-Beta
D-FOBY North American AT-6A Texan Stuggart Airport, Germany (Ex display in open storage)
D-GBRS Partenavia P.68B Victor Rainer Schoff GmbH.
D-GBWA Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II
D-GELI Partenavia P.68B Victor
D-GFHB Piper PA-44-180 Seminole Flugschule Aero-Beta
D-GJET Piper PA-44-180T Turbo Seminole
D-IHHH Cessna 421B Golden Eagle II
D-IMEL Beech 95-E55 Baron Withdrawn, In Storage
EI-SLJ Aérospatial ATR.72-201 Air Contractors (Ireland)
N211MZ Cirrus Designs Cirrus SR-22 Aircraft Gauruntee Corporation
N768KD CASA CN.235 APA Leasing Inc.
OE-INL Bombardier BD-700-1A-11 Global 5000 International Jet Management
OE-LGE Bombardier DHC.8 Dash Eight-402 Austrian Arrows
OE-LKC Dornier Do.328-111 Private Wings Flugcharter
OO-HEO SIAI Marchetti S.208A
OY-GKJ Dassault Falcon 2000LX Dassault Avaition
SX-DVY Airbus A.320-232 Aegean Airlines
TC-ETF Airbus a.321-231 Atlas Jet (Low level overflight)...Outbound KK210/KKK210 19:54 NE Stuttgart-Antayla
D-AIRY Airbus A.321-231 Lufthansa LH1283/DLH6PH 19:54 NW Athens-Frankfurt
D-ABAF Boeing 737-88J Air Berlin AB7586/BER995V 19:54 SW Dresden-Palma de Majorca
LN-DYY Boeing 737-8JP Norwegian Air Shuttle DY5186/NAX5186 20:03 *nW Barcelona-Hamburg
HB-JYE Airbus A.320-214 easyJet Switzerland U21203/EZS25RA 20:03 NW Basel-Dresden
D-AGWH Airbus A.319-132 Gemanwings 4U814/GWI1I 20:22 SE Cologne-Venice
VQ-BKU Airbus A.321-214 Aeroflot SU2392/AFL2392 20:31 *eSW Moscow-Zurich

Near Karlsruhe, Germany

Autogyro 21:10 N
HA-LPT Airbus A.320-232 Wizzair Hungary W67718/WZZ221 21:30 SE Brussels-Skopje
HZ-AI4 Boeing 747-8UF Saudi Arabian Cargo SV9242/SVA9242 21:42 SE

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Re: Bavaria 22 June 2014

Post by Terry » Sun Jul 06, 2014 5:51 am

Hi Garry
Your queries....
D 1367 , Rolladen-Schneider LS 4 , msn 4591
D 4467 , Schleicher ASK 13 , msn 13554
D 5451 , Rolladen Schneider LS3 , msn 3006 , ex PH 545
D 7781 , Grob G 103 Twin Astir , msn 3112-T-9
OE 5567 , Schleicher ASW 15B , msn 15361 , ex D 2369
Have fun
I know this was posted at disgusting o'clock, The wife wants to go see the Menen Gate & WW1 stuff , so off to Belgium for a couple of days. Hoping to sneak in a few airfields.
I got a little black book with me poems in

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Re: Bavaria 22 June 2014

Post by garryrussell » Sun Jul 06, 2014 6:28 am

Thanks for that Terry. :thumbs:

Hectic schedule means I'd not had a chance to go really deep with research and nothing on the obvious sites had come up. :(

Problem with me is I've hardly ever seen gliders as we don't have them locally and so they all tend to look similar to me making research that much harder. :cry:

A great help!! :)

Good luck with your trip :)

All the best.

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Re: Bavaria 22 June 2014

Post by Terry » Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:33 pm

Hi Garry
Glad to help.

'Problem with me is I've hardly ever seen gliders as we don't have them locally and so they all tend to look similar to me making research that much harder.'

I am much the same, though VERY SLOWLY improving,
I just 'acquired' the info from Air Britain's 'European Registers Handbook 2012' at £25 I don't buy it often :lol:

Trip was mostly O.K. will explain in another post.
Have fun
I got a little black book with me poems in

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