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Amsterdam - Spotting by public transport guide

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Amsterdam - Spotting by public transport guide

Post by james143611 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:34 pm

Hello all,

I cannot cover ALL locations, this mini guide is for the places I have been to accessible by bus. If you are like me and don't drive, or don't want to drive abroad then there are locations where you can get there by bus and not have a long walk to get to the spot. The Terrace isn't listed as obviously it is accessible at the airport itself.

However I also encourage anyone to post spot's accessible by public transport that I have not listed below.

1. McDonalds - Runway 09/27

Easily accessible. Take the free Ibis Hotel shuttle to 'Ibis Schiphol' (NOT Ibis Budget) and from here it's about a 10 minute walk to McDonalds where the viewing area is. Once at Ibus head out the car park and then do a right. Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing then you'll have the Schiphol Noord Knooppunt bus station on the right and a bicycle hut. Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and the McDonalds car park is there with the viewing area.

Alternatively you can get the Amsterdam Airport Express route 197 from the Airport bus stops to 'Schiphol Noord'. I just ask for a ticket to Schiphol Noord, the bus station by McDonalds and near the Ibis, they know where you are on about then. The bus station here is across from McDonalds but a single ticket on the day will cost €2.50



2. Runway 18L Lineups

18L is for taking off south, nothing will take off towards you from 36R, only landings will happen on 36R. Usually it's used by traffic destined to go south or east. Not all traffic will run right up to the end of 36L, some smaller stuff will turn on to the runway early especially as they don't need the full length to take off.

To get here is the same as above. Directions is the same up until the pedestrian crossing by McDonalds. Instead of going up into McDonalds, do a right and just follow the path round until you find a spot/angle that you like. Just mind it is a bicycle and motorbike highway, get off the path if a bike comes along!



3. Taxiway Q

Traffic wise, it's used by cargo's, KLM and generally European medium stuff (B737's, A320's). Works both ways, either stuff coming off 18R/18C or stuff going to 36L/36C. You won't see any heavy stuff like KLM 747's, B777's (except for the KLM Cargo 747's) or China civil stuff for example, nor does the EasyJet/Jet2 stuff taxi by. There can be some gaps, but not big gaps, and you will get the odd wave especially from KLM pilots.

It's my favorite spot and easy to get to. There are a few buses that pass by this spot. From the bus stops outside the Airport, there is the option of a bus route 181/187/190/191/193/196/197/198/199. The bus stop is 'Schiphol Uiverweg' (I say it as 'Ow-ver-veg', close pronunciation and they get the gist of where I mean).

At Uiverweg, cross the road and there will be a car park. Cross through here and you are then onto Pelikaanweg. You can't miss it as the road follows the taxiway and if you are lost, the taxiway crosses the main road on a bridge close to the bus stop.

Bus ticket single, €2.50




4. Rozenburg 06/24

Good for landings or takeoffs, though I've only been there once for 24 takeoffs. When in use, usually used by traffic going west or sometimes south.

From the bus stops outside the airport, take a bus 187 to 'Rozenburg Kruisweg'. When the bus stop announcement on the bus say's 'Rozenburg Kruiseweg' Do NOT get off here, get off at the next bus stop after. You'll know as you'll see a petrol station and coach garage on the left, then you will pass by the landing lights for runway 06. The bus will turn left then you will get off at the bus stop here. Once off the bus carry on straight and the road will turn to the right. It's only a 2 minute walk if that. From the corner you will be able to see stuff taking off from runway 24, or landing on 06.

Bus ticket single is €2.50




Using the bus is easy when you get used to it. You can get tickets on the bus as you would over here. The bus stops outside Amsterdam looks confusing but there are departure screens telling you which bus number goes from which bus stop.

If you are unsure if the bus is going the right way, there are timetables at the bus stop and it list's the bus stops for that particular route in that direction.

On the bus are onboard auto announcements listing the next stop, along with a digital map showing the next bus stops as it goes along.

I hope this is useful to someone, and I will update it if I go to other spots, but as I say, feel free to list any spots accessible by public transport.


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Re: Amsterdam - Spotting by public transport guide

Post by andygolfer » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:22 pm

many thanks James, an excellent guide, well done and thank you for taking the time to put it together

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