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REQ: Bicester 25/06/2017

Seen a civil aircraft recently but not at one of the airfields listed below? Maybe it flew over the top of you today? Need to tie up the serial? Ask in here. Requests less than 6 months old only please.
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REQ: Bicester 25/06/2017

Post by knutt » Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:49 pm

Does any have a full log from today's Flywheel Festival?.I mostly require the visiting aircraft at the right hand end of the airfield, near to the car park .

Many Thanks

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Re: REQ: Bicester 25/06/2017

Post by knutt » Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:07 pm

The below log is what I have managed to find out from photos etc.

Static Display
Bristol Scout C Replica G-FDHB/1264
Lysander IIIA Replica V9875
C-47A Dakota N147DC/2100884
Beaver AL1 G-CICP/XP820
L-4J Grasshopper G-BILI/454467
L-4H Grasshopper G-BCOB/329405
Auster 6A G-APRO
Auster V Alpha G-AKSY/TJ534

Flightlines/Visting Aircraft
Chipmunk T10 G-????
Chipmunk T10 G-????
M-1C Sokol G-AIXN
Pitts S-1S Special G-BKDR
MH1521M Broussard G-CIGN/255
Bulldog T1 G-CBBC/XX515
Anson T21 G-VROE/WD413
DH.89A Dragon Rapide 6 G-AHAG
DH.82A Tiger Moth G-AOIM/T7109
DH.82A Tiger Moth G-OOSY/DE971
Auster V J/1S Autocrat G-AMKU
Auster J/1N Alpha G-????

Flightlines/ Flying Display Aircraft
Spitfire LF IXB G-ASJV/MH434
HA1112 M1L Buchon G-AWHK/8
Sioux AH1 G-CICN/XT131
Scout AH1 G-CIBW/XT626
DH.82A Tiger Moth G-AHOO
DH.82A Tiger Moth G-APLU
DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ANRN
DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ACDA
DH.82A Tiger Moth G-AHAN
DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ANKZ/N6466
DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ANFM
DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ANEN
DH.82A Tiger Moth G-AOBX
Junkers CL.1 Replica G-BNPV/1801
SE5A Replica G-CCBN/80105
SE5A Replica G-BDWJ/F8010
Sopwith Triplane G-BWRA/N500
Fokker DR.1 Replica G-CDXR/403
Fokker DR.1 Replica G-CFHY/556
BE2c Replica G-AWYI/687

Flypasts only
Hurricane IIC LF363

Please feel free to make additions and corrections. I require confirmation of the registrations of the 2 Chipmunk's,the Auster and the remaining visiting aircraft on the 25th June.

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