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Squirrel at St Albans.

Seen a civil aircraft recently but not at one of the airfields listed below? Maybe it flew over the top of you today? Need to tie up the serial? Ask in here. Requests less than 6 months old only please.
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Squirrel at St Albans.

Post by Oscar266 » Sun Sep 13, 2020 9:52 am

Twice now I've been on the train to London since lockdown and both times, a Squirrel is parked up in a field behind an industrial estate, its a dark colour not been able to catch exactly which colour possibly really dark red could be black with hint of red on paintwork, lighting wasn't great to tell.

The industrial estate it's parked behind is in the area of Porters Wood.

Anyone know which it is? Seen Saturday 12th September after 10am


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