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Back to the 90s at LHR/LGW

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 2:49 pm
by AirbusA320
Following on from my scanned collection on UK Airlines, thought drop couple more looking at some of the other airlines/aircraft around during that time, al took by myself and scanned from my private collection, enjoy
Like also to take this opportunity to wish everyone well and hope all being safe out there, and a huge big thanks you to those working and all those with the NHS without you where would we be love to all

On with the collection

Very rare these days the short fat Airbus A310

ImageAirbus A310-304 F-ODSV by Mark, on Flickr
A310-304 F-ODSV taken at LHR

ImageAirbus A310-308 F-OGOT by Mark, on Flickr
A310-308 F-OGOT at LHR

ImageAirbus A310-308 F-OGYN by Mark, on Flickr
A310-308 F-OGYN

ImageAirbus A340-312 A40-LF by Mark, on Flickr
Airbus A340-312 A40-LF on lease from Gulf Air to UAE seen departing LGW

ImageBAe 146-200 G-TBIC by Mark, on Flickr
Transavia borrowed a 146 from Flightline for a short while and here we see G-TBIC departing LGW

The mighty and noisy Boeing 727
ImageBoeing 727-235 4K-AZI by Mark, on Flickr
Azerbaijan Airlines 727 4K-AZi being pushed back at LGW

ImageBoeing 727-2B7 CS-TKB by Mark, on Flickr
Portuguese operator Air Columbus departing LGW

The Queen of the skies-Boeing 747 and some true classics the -200 version, who knows what 747s will be around when we get out of this, but these ones are very much much not around today

ImageBoeing 747-121 N609FF by Mark, on Flickr
Tower Air brought in N609FF to operate a Laker Flights as per norm there DC10 had failed

ImageBoeing 747-128 C-GCIS by Mark, on Flickr

Take your pick on what TWA livery you prefare as here both versions before they departed with us
ImageBoeing 747-131 N93107 by Mark, on Flickr
ImageBoeing 747-131 N93108 by Mark, on Flickr

ImageBoeing 747-2B6B(M) CN-RME by Mark, on Flickr
Making a rare appearence at LGW in for Air Atlantia due to a tech aircraft, gues this is all RAM had spare at the time, Classic BA Landor in the background on a 747 and DC10

ImageBoeing 767-260ER ET-AIZ by Mark, on Flickr
Air Tanzania operating into LGW with a 767 leased from Ethiopian , this aircraft met its end couple years latter when she was hijacked and took over ending in her crashing into the sea due to fuel starvation

ImageBoeing 767-283ER PT-TAJ 1 by Mark, on Flickr
TransBrasil had only just started operating into LGW when i grabbed this 767

Couple of first times at LGW caught on film
ImageBoeing 777-21H A6-EMD by Mark, on Flickr
Replacing the normal Airbus aircraft Emirates brought in 777 A6-EMD 28/11/96 making this the first 777 passenger LGW service

ImageDouglas MD11 N514MD by Mark, on Flickr
Staging through LGW on her world tour the new Douglas MD11, N514MD seen passing through on the 24/10/90

ImageDouglas MD90 TC-KTB by Mark, on Flickr
First visit of the Douglas MD90 when TC-KTB came in on a Onur Air Flight

ImageDouglas DC10-30 N832LA by Mark, on Flickr
Laker Part 2 operated for a while from LGW to Fort Lauderdale, if i remember was prone to the odd breaking down now and then

ImageDouglas DC10-30 N220NW by Mark, on Flickr
Working there had it's perks

Bringing to the end of this collection
little bit of colour

ImageBoeing 777-236 G-VIIL by Mark, on Flickr
ImageBoeing 777-232 (ER) N864DA by Mark, on Flickr

Thanks for looking stay safe take care


Re: Back to the 90s at LHR/LGW

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 9:39 pm
by PorkScratching
Again, a great selection of shots, bringing back fond memories. My favourite a/c among them is actually the Saudi 727-100 in the background of the KTHY MD-90 shot! Looks stunning in that Saudia livery (as pretty much everything did).

Re: Back to the 90s at LHR/LGW

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 11:13 pm
by Nighthawke
Very nice - especially the TWA Jumbos and those lovely 727s.

Re: Back to the 90s at LHR/LGW

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 9:02 pm
by acw367
Very happy memories and well worked scans.