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Tridents G-AWZZ & G-ARPX Edinburgh 1977

Only nostalgic and wrecks & relics photography in here please, nostalgic posts should be over 5 years old.
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Tridents G-AWZZ & G-ARPX Edinburgh 1977

Post by Uuoret » Sat Aug 17, 2019 4:01 am


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Re: Tridents G-AWZZ & G-ARPX Edinburgh 1977

Post by condor » Sat Oct 05, 2019 8:15 pm

Uuoret , Thank you for all your hard work in bringing alive fond memories of '70s EDI . Spent a lot of time there , even dating lovely BCAL local lass .
Gee WiZZ brings back memories .. Was lucky enough to fly her last 3 flts .
SUN ? Nov 4th 1984 LHR-EDI-LHR in the morning . My sector back from EDI to a visual approach at LHR.
Nov 4th 1984 PM Her last flight LHR - BHX . Sold to Brum a/p fire section . 1518-1610 , 52 mins chock to chock . Nigel [ the skipper ], Jim[ SFO ] and I were mates .
All arranged with LHR tower , and agreed by Flight Manager [ thank you , Capt Gray . [ ''' Do Not do ANYthing Stupid and no lower than 500ft ''' ]... V2 clb with Boost , fly by at Booker [ Wycombe Air Park ] .. near Jims house in Chilterns .
I flew the t/o to 2000' and flyby [500ft] at Booker . Jim flew past his house and up to Brum about 1000' , Capt Nigel finished off with a run and break on BHX's RWY33 . I on the panel was looking horizontally at a fireman standing filming from roof of Fire Landy .
Pax home on a BM Shorts Shed or Super Shed ?
Lovely memories , even a Cherokee above us as we exited the LHR zone . Could see his startled looking at a map and diving groundwards .... '' A Trident underneath me ! WTF ?
Working Luton on climb out from Booker , an Aztec calmly seeing us , as nothing unusual . Except our radius of turn to go behind him at 250 kts .

Christmas party in Dec. Stewardess friend with new boyfriend in tow [ Still see them in 2019 ] '' D... 'wot's a Trident doing going out of Booker '' ?
Ah ! say I ... apparently altho' we were only using 11000 and a bit RPM to climb out [ normal clb 12000 RPM ]... we ruined a perfect romantic afternoon in Chiltern woods ... Don't think she's ever forgiven me .

Strangely my last T1 flight was on G-ARPX May 9th 1982 GLA-LHR 1hr 10mins . P2 seat non handling [ no other notes in logbook ] .

Thx again for the memories ,

rgds condor .

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