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Gatwick airlines in the Seventies

Only nostalgic and wrecks & relics photography in here please, nostalgic posts should be over 5 years old.
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Re: Gatwick airlines in the Seventies

Post by acw367 » Fri Jan 14, 2022 1:39 am

Lovely set. Always good when a Tu-104 and a CV990 are there in the mix.
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Re: Gatwick airlines in the Seventies

Post by Mike » Fri Jan 14, 2022 11:56 am

A fantastic set of shots there which have brought back some great memories for me, many thanks for sharing them. :D :thumb:

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Re: Gatwick airlines in the Seventies

Post by Polehill » Fri Jan 14, 2022 3:34 pm

Thanks for sharing Pete, the Caravelle, DC8 and CV990 were such beautiful and graceful airliners. It was always a good day when a Soviet built airliner dropped in!


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Re: Gatwick airlines in the Seventies

Post by Twinpin » Fri Jan 14, 2022 5:17 pm

Absolute top notch post. I got active in aviation in the mid 70s and loved the variety of types that could be seen in those days.

I feel sorry for young uns today when all airliners look so similar.

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Re: Gatwick airlines in the Seventies

Post by Stug298 » Sat Jan 15, 2022 5:42 pm

I definitely "stirred "looking through that lot brought back some happy memories and the Haywards BN2 i remember seeing at Shoreham too a xxx rating from a fellow old git ...cheers

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Re: Gatwick airlines in the Seventies

Post by EGNH1909 » Sat Jan 15, 2022 6:44 pm

Fantastic set of pics there from when we were limited by the amount of film we had in the camera, and however many extra rolls you'd taken with you- if only we'd had digital cameras back then! I always look at the backgrounds to see what else was captured in the pictures at the time -VC10s, Comets, a line of Heralds,1-11s, DC10s, 707's, amongst others - not an Airbus in sight!!
Best Wishes

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