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One year ago retro BA 747's

Only nostalgic and wrecks & relics photography in here please, nostalgic posts should be over 5 years old.
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One year ago retro BA 747's

Post by xkeKeith » Tue Mar 16, 2021 10:59 am

Got a phone call to tell me that BA Ops had arranged for the 3 B747's in retro schemes plus the B747 that was being flown into retirement that day would all depart Heathrow in a 60 minute period at lunch time. Grab the camera and the car keys:

G-BNLY in the Landor scheme departed as I parked the car luckily it was the only one of the three I had photographed before .... Then G-CIVB lined up.

ImageG-CIVB Boeing B747-400 British Airways special c/s by Keith Heywood, on Flickr

Off to Wales G-CIVM:

ImageG-CIVM Boeing B747-400 BA oneworld c/s - last flight by Keith Heywood, on Flickr

After a short delay G-BYGC departed:

ImageG-BYGC Boeing B747-400 BA 'BOAC' c/s by Keith Heywood, on Flickr

A few weeks later they would all be grounded...

For completeness G-BNLY taken earlier:

ImageG-BNLY Boeing B747-400 Britis Airways Landor c/s by Keith Heywood, on Flickr

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Re: One year ago retro BA 747's

Post by Martin » Tue Jun 08, 2021 6:15 pm

Thanks for posting, I do like the Landor scheme. We'll have to make do with the Retro schemed A319s as I can't imagine them painting the next A350 in a retro scheme.


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