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dH 89 Rapide G-ACZE at Gloomy Kemble 2008

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dH 89 Rapide G-ACZE at Gloomy Kemble 2008

Post by Uuoret » Sat Feb 20, 2021 9:22 pm

Beautiful restoration - should have stayed in the UK.... :(






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Re: dH 89 Rapide G-ACZE at Gloomy Kemble 2008

Post by Bobbybefc » Sun Feb 21, 2021 2:14 pm


Great picture thanks for sharing :D

Bob :cool:
Bobby B EFC :cool:

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Re: dH 89 Rapide G-ACZE at Gloomy Kemble 2008

Post by Mike » Sun Feb 21, 2021 4:32 pm

Nice shots John. :thumb:

The old girl has a long history (well, parts of it have)!

First Registered as G-ACZE [C of R 5407] 20.11.34 to Anglo-Persian Oil Co Ltd, Abadan (renamed Anglo-Iranian Oil Co Ltd 31.3.35). C of A 4612 issued 15.12.34 and delivered from Heston -to Almaza, Cairo, 17.12.34: arrived 25.12.34. Returned to Heston 8.11.38 - 24.11.38 on replacement by G-AFHY and/or G-AFIA. Registration cancelled at census 1.1.39.

Re-registered 17.3.39 to Airwork Ltd and operated by 7 CANS, later 7 AONS, Perth [29.12.39]. Registration cancelled 24.3.39 as sold [possibly to subsidiary Air Service Training Ltd, but not re-registered as such]; re-registered 22.9.39 to Airwork Ltd. Registration cancelled 15.7.40 by Secretary of State.

Impressed into RAF as Z7266 (under Contract No.A34983/39, dated 15.7.40) and remained at 7 AONS. To 6 AONS Staverton 23.5.40. To DH Witney for ambulance conversion 22.8.40, but not proceeded with, Instead, to store at 48 MU Hawarden 18.9.40. To 3 FPP Hawarden 8.12.40.

Probably withdrawn from use in early 1941. (Struck Off Charge by RAF at census 21.6.47). Roaded to Allied Airways (Gandar Dower) Ltd, Dyce 21.9.41 for rebuild. Registration G-ACZE restored 7.2.42 to Eric L Gandar Dower, and operated by Allied Airways [Gandar Dower] Ltd, Dyce. C of A renewed 11.3.42. Re-registered 20.6.42 to Allied Airways (Gandar Dower) Ltd, Dyce; named "The Dawn".

Crashed Grimsetter, Orkney 27.12.45 following starboard engine failure on take-off. Registration cancelled 7.4.47 as "PWFU" ("Permanently Withdrawn From Use")

(However, aircraft still in existence and airworthy as at 2011: subsequent history was thus...Taken to De Havilland at Witney in 1946 and completely rebuilt with c/n W.1001. Registered G-AJGS [CofR 11282] 24.10.47 to The De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Witney. Re-registered 23.2.48 to Mary L Wilson t/a Allied Airways, Dyce; named "Vagabond". New C of A 10004 issued 12.3.48. Withdrawn from use 18.2.49 and C of A lapsed 11.3.49; stored Dyce. Registered 19.12.49 to Caroline Brunning, Dyce (nominal change only). Registration cancelled 18.2.59 as PWFU. Sold 28.5.66 to Alfred Ward and roaded to Booker 26.8.66. Registered 30.5.67 to Alfred F Ward, Booker and rebuilt by Personal Plane Services Ltd [Dioug Bianchi]. Re-flown 21.2.68 and registered 25.3.68 to Aerial Enterprises Ltd, Booker. C of A renewed 27.3.68. Sold 1969 to Fritz Ludington, Delray Beach, Miami, USA. Flown across Atlantic via Reykjavik by Ted Wein & E.C. Down, departing Halfpenny Green 28.8.70, arriving Miami 13.9.70. UK registration cancelled 15.11.73 as PWFU. To Robert M. [Bob] Schultz (of Hamburg Airdrome Inc), Hamburg, NY (by early 1977) for storage and overhaul; intended for flights over Niagara Falls but plans abandoned. No US registration allotted. Sold to Brian Woodford and returned to UK by sea 1984; to Ron Souch at Hamble for rebuild.

Registration G-ACZE restored 23.1.85 to (Woodford's company) Wessex Aviation & Transport Ltd, Chalmington Manor, Dorchester. Overhauled by Ron Souch at Hamble and later Sarisbury Green and painted in Brigade of Guards/Kings Flight colours. C of A renewed 12.8.86 and based Henstridge.

C of A lapsed 18.8.95 and stored. For sale [August 2000]; stored at Premier Aviation, Withybush [September 2000]; ferried to Bembridge for overhaul by Tim Buckley/Fly BN 7.2.06; re-flown 30.8.06 & returned to Withybush [but CofA not renewed until 3.7.07]. Registered 13.6.08 to Chewton Glen Aviation Ltd (Maurice & William Hynett), Bembridge. Flown Bembridge-Sandown-Bournemouth after airfield dispute 9.4.11. Registered 8.1.13 (on name change) to Chewton Glen Ltd; now based Lee-on-Solent. Shipped ex Membury to USA late 10.13. Regn cld 8.11.13 as sold to USA. Registered N1934D 9.12.13 to Training Services Inc (Jerry Yagen), Virginia Beach, VA

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